Phil, The Early Years

Early years

That’s no joke, that picture looks like it could have come straight out of my family album.

I loved playing in the creeks and ditches around my Grandma Josephine’s place when I was a kid and the woman in that picture reminds me of her so much it’s scary, right down to the switch in her hand.

I remember following my Uncle and some other kids about a quarter mile from the house to a big ( to a little kid)  pond when I was about three years old and they were floating around on big pieces of plywood that would barely stay above water. They were using poles to go from one side to the other. It really wasn’t very big and only a couple feet deep too.


The thing I remember most was  I was playing in the mud on the edge of the pond when all of a sudden  I got yanked off the ground by one arm and felt a searing pain across the backs of my bare legs a half second later.

For a big woman she could sure be sneaky, I had no idea she was coming up through the brush behind me.

Granny didn’t know where the hell I was and was looking all over the place for my little ass when one of the neighbor ladies told her she seen a bunch of kids headed towards the pond up by the Drive In.

She was scared to death that I was drowned and here I was just having a good old time.  She ripped a sapling out of the ground with her bare hands when she finally saw me and beat my little ass all the way back to the house.

It seemed like it took all day to get there and I was a hoppin and jumpin’ trying to get away from her and that damn switch the whole way.

I miss her to this day and it’s hard to believe she has been gone over forty years now.

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