I know someone who has one of those fucking things and they told me that they had to have someone help push them up a hill one time because it didn’t have enough power.

Fuck that shit.

Stuff a Kawasaki 1100 in that bitch and be done with it.


8 thoughts on “Why?

  1. Pretty sure it would be cheaper, safer, drive faster, and be more fun to just have a company build aftermarket enclosed bodies for the Polaris MRZR.

    If nobody tips off the DMV, why the hell not commute that way?


  2. The Ivans put fatter tires on those and use them as ATVs during the winter. They’re so light that they just float over top of the snow. Plus, it’s Russia. In the winter. And there’s fuck all else to do.

    And sometimes you need to go get a couple more liters of vodka, which is the other thing you can do during a Russky winter.



  3. Onr gust of wind would blow that little mother over, unless one of them heavies is inside. Judging from the height of it, appears rolling over at moderate speeds would be high risk.


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