I’ve been waiting all week to get paid so that I could order an OBD1 trouble code reader, an extension cable for the fucker so it’s actually useable from inside the rig and an SWR meter so I can mount and tune the antenna for the CB/Weather station radio I bought for this damn Bronco.





Done, done and done.

Now I just gotta wait another fucking week for it all to get here.


I just remembered that I have to get a short jumper antenna cable to go between the meter and the CB, thanks to my awesome readers, I have bookmarked a place that should have that easy and cheap enough. ( Ordered that  a minute ago from Amazon, the shipping from everywhere else cost more than the cable!)


This should actually all work out perfect.

A week from today I am taking ten days off from work on an unplanned vacation.


I say unplanned because I had so much time off built up at work that if I didn’t use some it would have maxed out and it would have quit accruing.

Fuck that shit. I’ll burn some to keep that going.

I could use a break anyway, that just gave me a most excellent excuse.

So all these little goodies should get here just in time for me to be able to fuck with it at my leisure.


I am pretty well convinced that the Bronco needs an EGR valve, I remember from back in the day those being pretty notorious for causing problems and this one looks to be original equipment.  The intermittent idle speed issues fit that scenario to a T besides.

We shall see what the magic box has to say first though because the cheapest one I have found so far is almost a hundred bucks.

That’s enough to pucker my ass and cause me to not just throw parts at the thing like somebody else was obviously doing.

I see whoever was working on it before me was stubborn.

It has a new EGR position sensor on it along with a new Idle Speed Solenoid, complete distributor with a new cap, rotor and a Thick Film Ignition module, otherwise known as TFI, mounted on the side of it.


I noticed a new fuel filter mounted on the frame the other day when I changed the oil too.

I’ll figure out whats’s wrong with the fucking thing eventually because I have a secret weapon.

The original Factory FORD diagnostic manual for Electronic Engine Control Systems that was only available to FOMOCO employees back then and cost me an arm and a leg.

It was like a hundred and forty bucks way back in the mid 90’s and it was a special order item that the Service Manager had to approve.

That thing is worth it’s weight in gold to me right about now.

It’s very difficult to use because of the way it’s set up but all the information you need to fix an OBD1 issue is contained in it’s pages, somewhere, ya just gotta know how to use the book and do electrical testing.

That combined with the electrical schematics book, a good DVOM tester and maybe some jumper wires should do it.

I will win, it’s just a matter of time.


4 thoughts on “Gimmedat

  1. Like the attitude….the difference between a real mechanic and a hack…..keep at it till its works and works right. You WILL win.


  2. On our ’93 f150, if would just stop. Later it would start back up again. A new fuel filter was one of the clues. An idiot had installed a fuel pump and never bothered to clean the connections. Bad ground in the fuel pump connection. Ford must’ve hired some guys from Lucas to design the electrical system.
    A tranny jack sure makes it easier to drop the fuel tank. My husband figured all this out. I am just a dumb pair of hands who doesn’t mind getting her paws dirty.


  3. I hope you win. Damn EGR. I had an ’89 F150 where one of those went bad, I had to look up WTH an EGR was. Thank God for a mechanically-adept friend who helped me diagnose and replace it. I remember a cheater bar on a wrench to get the damn thing off- exhaust system components get hot rusty and need beacoup torque to get loose. I sold the POS F150 for a couple hundred less than I paid for it and have hardly been so happy as to see that thing leave my property under its own power.

    You’re a better man than I, gunga din.


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