Remember Frying Ants With A Magnifying Glass Outside When You Were A Kid?

Now you can do it inside too. Just make sure you have concrete floors.


I don’t care who ya are, that thing is pretty bad ass.

Heh, a reverse image search took me to YouTube eventually.

7 thoughts on “Remember Frying Ants With A Magnifying Glass Outside When You Were A Kid?

  1. There’s about a thousand places to read about people making CNC burners from the guts of a Blu-Ray or DVD reader/writer. The blue laser is around half a watt, I think, and it will draw patterns on thin wood, cut cardboard, and etch leather. Example:

    It’s not hard to find blue lasers at about 4 or 5 watts (Bang Good) to upgrade it to being able to cut stuff like quarter inch plywood.

    There are more, of course. I’ve been playing with the idea of mounting a laser in my small CNC mill. It will have a big work area. There are some details I need to work out to do it.

    Like any cutting machine, it can hurt you if you don’t watch out.


  2. Wow, that is really something. I know nothing about the tech involved – I’d “guess” eye protection is a MUST, similar to welding?


  3. Consumer lasers are limited to 5 milliWatts to prevent eye injury. One of the 5W lasers on this thing would instantly blind an unprotected eye before the victim could blink to protect their eyes. I noticed that the inventor was wise enough to not point the beam at a reflective surface or the camera.

    Back in the late ’80s the US Army was developing a laser weapons system that would sweep a battlefield and destroy any ComBloc sensors, primarily the range finders used by tanks and forward artillery officers. The collateral damage would have been the eyesight of any soldier looking. The Geneva Convention was amended to ban such weapons in the mid ’90s.


    • As far as I know they still use something similar against sniper attacks.
      Supposedly the device can spot rifle optics by ways of detecting the lens glare.
      Dunno if this is just an urban legend though.


  4. Many moons ago, the TV show “Rocket City Rednecks” made a bomb disposal robot out of various items found at home, like some sort of RC truck, and lasers from several DVD players. They were able to set off ammunition and black powder bombs from 20′ away.

    Very interesting show. Wish it was still on.


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