OMG The Stock Market Is Melting!!


If you believe that line of crap I have a slightly rusty bridge to sell you.


All that happened was they are back to where they were at the start of the year when the serial gamblers went apeshit because Trump got elected.


Bunch of fucking drama queens are hyping the shit out of nothing and the usual suspects are calling it the end of the world.


Like millions of the rest of us, I am going to work and could care less what those idiots are doing.



4 thoughts on “OMG The Stock Market Is Melting!!

  1. Looks like a buy opportunity for people who kept their powder dry.
    You don’t suppose this could be a result of people who dove into Bitcoin at the highs who now have to cover their asses?


  2. Imagine…..the memo has started waking people up to the absolute corruption in the district of criminals, and then………..the stock market takes a dump.

    Watch what the sock puppet on the left hand is doing so the right hand can deliver a solid punch.

    Misdirection information, or what?



  3. I just started a new job.

    As part of the paperwork avalanche the HR chick handed out a 401K form, “if you don’t turn this in you’ll be automatically enrolled at 5%”.

    *HASTY SCRAWLING” Here. Please note, “Not One Thin Dime You Godawful Harpy!!” means ‘No, Thank You’.


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