It’s Super Bowl Sunday, Like I Give A Flying Fuck

I sure as shit ain’t wasting my time on that useless bullshit, I have other plans instead.



I managed to get the oil changed in the Bronco yesterday and it only took two trips to the parts house, even though I already had the oil sitting out in the garage!


I use STP oil treatment in every vehicle I own and have for decades.


The shit works.


Unfortunately, I was out.


When I got this Bronco there was a big tote in the back full of all kinds of crap plus a whole bunch of quart bottles of various lubricants all over the back seat and on the floor.

There was also a powerful stench inside that would knock you over every time you opened the door. I finally tracked that down to a quart bottle of synthetic gear oil that had fallen over and leaked all over the fucking place, from one side of the rig to the other. I still have to try and get it out of the carpet behind the front seats.

Amongst all this crap there was a brand new oil filter so I assumed it was for this rig.


Ford made a bunch of different size oil filters that all had the same threads and would interchange if you knew what you were doing and this one at first glance looked like the shortest version so when I went to the parts house, all I got was the STP.


You can guess what happened after that. It was the wrong fucking filter and wouldn’t even screw on so I had to go back and get the right one. I have no idea what it’s supposed to fit so I chucked it.

I had forgotten how much fun it was to get the filters out on Ford’s 4 wheel drive rigs but I eventually got the whole deal done and the tools and everything put back away.

Since I have to do these kinds of things out in the street, I lay down a junk tarp and then park on top of it in case something goes awry so there isn’t a big mess on the pavement.


So that’s done. There are all kinds of little piddly things I need to do to this thing so I am hoping that while this stupid football game is on , everybody else will be busy and won’t be fucking with me, because I could give a rats ass about it in the first place and could use a little peace and quiet.

I have had some things on my mind lately and need it to sort shit out in my head. I am going to leave my fucking phone in the house, turned off, to facilitate doing just that while I’m out piddle fartin’ around out in the garage.




8 thoughts on “It’s Super Bowl Sunday, Like I Give A Flying Fuck

  1. I’m with you, brother. I won’t be watching either. Planning on doing some sorting and tossing stuff out in the garage and maybe load up a bunch of shotgun shells for trap shooting. Those clay birds are fun to kill, but I heard that they don’t taste too good…………………


  2. Someone about 40 years old at the supermarket yesterday asked me who I was rootin’ for in the “big game”. I asked what’s a “big game”? “An elephant vs. a Rhino, maybe”? They laughed and said: “The super bowl, of course”. I said: “I didn’t know which teams were playing”. “That the Yankees vs. the Dodgers”? A look of amazement crossed the person’s face and they turned away. Yup another Millennial bitch-slapped by an old codger. Applause from other 70+ folks in the background.


  3. I hear you also, Phil. I got a ‘changed my oil’ flustercluck story I’ll save for a later time. It sure is a good feeling when you’re done,though.

    “and need it to sort shit out in my head. I am going to leave my fucking phone in the house, turned off, to facilitate doing just that [.]” — It’s amazing how helpful that silencing the noise around us can be sometimes.

    What football game? It’s minus 3 in Mpls, excluding windchill. These people are nuts. Thank God I’m 20 miles away in the burbs. There’s 3 NHL games on this afternoon but I won’t be able to watch them.


  4. I never was much of a ‘sports guy’ to begin with. Now, the entire NFL can go FOAD. Went shootin’ with one of my sons last week. Got guns to clean.

    On the repair front, I’m sure this is no big surprise to Phil, but it bears keeping an eye on.

    Hacking Tractors–


    • I am 100% behind the Right To Repair movement,
      As a matter of fact, this particular video struck close to home especially. I have relatives in Nebraska who are corn farmers and this affects them every day.
      It’s not just tractors either. Car companies, equipment manufacturers, the trucking industry, you name it, they all have proprietary software that they have spent serious money developing and are doing their damndest to protect their investments.
      On the other hand, if you buy a 1/ 4 million dollar tractor , I am of the opinion that every aspect of that purchase should belong to you.

      The one thing these guy’s should keep in mind is exactly what was shown in the video, if you don’t grant access to the software, somebody else will and you just lost an income stream.


  5. At Lowes I bought a plastic pan designed to mix Quickrete. On our Jeep and my truck this pan is large enough to cover the drain plug and filter. I don’t worry about making a mess any more. I think it was about $4.00


  6. There are 32 NFL teams (didn’t know, had to look it up) and they play – I think – a 16 game season, so that’s 256 games. Plus the 4 (I think) pre-season games, and about 10 or so post-season (don’t know, didn’t care enough to look it up) so that’s about 330 games more or less. In each of those games there are two teams playing against each other, both trying to win.

    I’m at a loss as to why the 331st game is considered so special.
    Random thought: Anyone know if there’s ever been a 331st game featuring two teams who played against each other during the previous 330?


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