Is The Deep State About To Be Deep Sixed?

One thing is for damn sure, there is a Deep State and the recent release of the memo about the FBI and their dirty deeds has highlighted that they have their very own cheerleaders in the modern media conglomerates.


The media in this country has already been shown too many times to count that they absolutely can’t be trusted and now the Eff Freakin’ Bee Eye has shown without a doubt that they have some dirty bastards running the joint too.

Toss in the DOJ while under the direction of former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and   Eric Holder before her and  the shady shit they had going along with just about every federal agency under the Obama administration it seems and add all that up.


What do you see?


I see a federal government completely out of control ,who collectively thinks that laws are for little people and nothing they do, if crow barred in under the big tarp of National Security is out of bounds.


That all may be changing here real soon.

The memo was just the opening shot.


There is a lot more to come and if the screaming denials of the media and the bad actors we have seen so far is any indication, there is going to be a great purge coming.


It should be fairly obvious to anyone with even a smattering of intelligence that a great deal of very serious criminal offenses have been committed.


To get a grasp on just how far reaching this current conspiracy reaches, take a gander at this handy graphic by American Patriot Matt Bracken,


As mind boggling as the scope of people involved here who have been identified is, remember that former President Obama and former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her entire cabal of crooks aren’t even in the picture , yet.

We are talking about a crime syndicate here and they are involved in this, trust me.

On top of that, all of the staffers, the media and other possible enablers aren’t in that picture either.


Now are you beginning to grasp the length, breadth and depth of this?

Throw in George Soros and all the hijinks connected to that rat bastard.


This is the scope of the real threat to our country.


Every bit of this is going to be exposed eventually.


Do not listen to the media.

The media is going to do anything in it’s power to distract you from this.

Do not pay any attention to the Democrats, they are scared shitless right now because they are all part of this too.


Do not be surprised if the Deep State tries to use a Black Swan event to divert your attention.

All the cards are going to be on the table and this game is for all the chips in one giant pot.

That means it’s anything goes so keep your eyes open and your head on a swivel.

History is being made right before your eyes.

You won’t want to miss anything.


Edited to add a thought,

There is one name that belongs to a familiar face that you somehow don’t see mentioned in any of this which I find to be very strange.


You and I both know that Obama couldn’t wipe his ass without her knowing about it.

Who am I talking about?


Valerie Jarrett.

I am so waiting for that shoe to drop.





8 thoughts on “Is The Deep State About To Be Deep Sixed?

  1. I hate to say it, but No, It’s Not. The machine is too big.
    Went to DC a while back, first and probably last time. Look around at all the buildings for the various agencies. The dept of Ag covers the equivalent of 6 blocks, 7-8 stories tall. Not including the Forest Service across the street. Multiply that by everything else, though maybe they don’t have as much office space.
    Even if there are good people in their ranks, they are not going to roll over and be restrained by sunlight shining on the corruption or waste within. Too many useless jobs at stake.


  2. Yep, valerie the iranian witch, but don’t forget about her sidekick huma, who was close to killery in more ways than one, as the stories go.


    • Addendum:
      „What were the reasons someone decided to kill John Fitzgerald Kennedy?“ this question haunts me yet again when thinking of the gigantic task Mr. Trump has shouldered.
      It dwarfs all the reasons for Dealey Plaza.
      As far as I am able I pray for his wellbeing.


  3. The deep state installed all these players during Clinton’s reign hoping to rule through the next presidency when Gore lost.
    W Bush should have cleaned house of these rat bastards, but was, IMHO too stupid.
    Now all these bad actors have risen to the top of their various agencies, where they can do pretty much what they want.
    EXCEPT for the fact that the proud deplorables of this USA elected someone with the balls to start cleaning house.
    We have to stand behind this man and elect the people in the next election to help him continue this job.
    I’d like to say “finish the job”, but that would be overly optimistic.


  4. In my mind one thing is certain. That thing is NOBODY and I mean NOBODY will ever be arrested or prosecuted for any of this. They might throw some intern who worked in a dark corner of the basement to the wolves. Never will any of the big name people be touched. They will all laugh as they proceed into the night floating down wearing their golden parachutes and enjoying a great retirement!!


  5. I doubt anything big will happen – but if it looks like it will, they will respond fast and hard; how? I don’t know – there are very imaginative people who have been coming up with nightmare scenarios for years, many of which could be put into play bey the ‘wrong’ parties. … it sounds to me like a good time to stay out of the DC area, or for that matter any big city!


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