I Just Ordered Myself A Little Late Birthday Present

The Wifely Unit was all over my birthday this year, she waited until the day before to ask me if I wanted anything.

I have to admit I hadn’t really put much thought into it myself but it kind of put me on the spot.


I thought about it for a few minutes and then told her that I wanted a gift card from Wally World, since they are just down the road a bit, I figured I wouldn’t have any trouble blowing fifty bucks in five minutes and be done with it.


After last weekends adventures in wiring for dummies, I had kind of thought about putting a CB radio in the Bronco.

I actually have one that a buddy gave me. It’s from the very early 70’s, was a cheap one even back then and it looks like hell but it does work.


I played hell finding an antenna for the damn thing since Radio Shack went tits up, nobody carries the damn things anymore. You can buy the CB but they don’t have the antennas.

I ain’t quite figured out the logic behind that but I have seen it at a couple of places.

There’s a one off cheap assed tool/stereo/ never know what they are gonna have/ discount outfit not too far from my place called DUCKS.


I was in there for something early last Summer and spied the very last CB radio antenna they had in stock and it was marked as a closeout so I grabbed the sonofabitch.

I think I paid $39.99 for it or there abouts.

It’s been kicking around out in the garage ever since, I bet I have tripped over the fucker six times already because it keeps falling over.


So a few minutes ago I dug out this here gift card the wife gave me for my birthday, got online and jumped through a bunch of hoops and got it registered so I can use it.


Then I got on the Wally World website and started looking.

I checked out several inexpensive CB radios, I don’t need anything fancy at the moment, and read a whole bunch of reviews.


Some were quite unkind, even to the point of straight out saying this so and so model is a piece of junk, don’t buy it and so on.

Quite a few were like that so I jumped up in the price range by a few bucks and things started to change.

I finally settled on a cheap Midland.

This one to be exact,


Midland 1001LWX 40-Channel CB Radio


40-Channel Digital Tuner – Locks accurately onto your selected channel

Large, Backlit LCD – Multifunction display that is easy to read day or night

Weather Scan Technology – Automatically scans and locks on the strongest signal from the National Weather

Service to bring you important weather information as you travel

4-Watt Output Power – Delivers maximum communication range

RF Gain Control – Adjusts reception sensitivity (range) for clear reception

Digital Power Meter – Shows incoming signal strength and transmit power

Automatic Noise Limiter – Improves reception for a weak received signal

PA Function – Toggles easily between public address and normal CB operation

Compact Design – Installs easily into most cars, trucks and RV’s

Squelch Control – Eliminates unwanted background noise

Dimensions – 4.5” x 1.75” x 7.5”

It had several very positive reviews, some from people that know their stuff too.

Total with tax was just over $47.00 and they are going to ship it to my domicile for free.

That was the WalMart deal.

Looking at the Midland website, they want $67.00 for the damn thing and that’s as far as I went.


So I’ll have to remember to thank my wife for gettin’ that for me when it shows up.


I like that it’s a small package and that it has the weather channels plus some of the technical stuff sounded like it was a few steps up from the LowBuck models.

I have also had a couple of Midlands in the past and never had any issues with them.

I have to admit I don’t know Jack Shit about that stuff though so I am trusting the opinions of total strangers but some of them seem to know what they are talking about so I’m going to throw it in when it gets here and see what she does.

I ain’t sure where I am going to put that damn antenna yet though, they can be a pain in the ass and I would like to put it somewhere so that I can bend it over and tie it down to the roof rack so it doesn’t stick way the hell up in the air all the time.

There is only so much antenna cable that came with it so that is going to be a very limiting factor.


It won’t get here until the middle of next week sometime so I have some time to study the situation.


I still have some serious engine control issues to work out also and another thing that is high on my list is a OBDI code scanner.

I have an OBDII scanner but that doesn’t do me any good, it’s not sympatico amigo.

I have tried the count the flashing light trick and it ain’t cutting it.

There is still the old hook an analog volt/ohm meter up to it and try counting the needle sweeps trick to try. That always worked better for me anyway and I have three or four of them damn things laying around but I would most like to find an actual code scanner.

I haven’t checked EBay, yet.

I have to wait until I get paid again before I can throw some money away on frivolous shit like that anyway.

I ain’t in no hurry, as long as the damn thing gets me where I want to go them I’m happy.

13 thoughts on “I Just Ordered Myself A Little Late Birthday Present

  1. Check your local(ish) truck stops for CB plunder . Most will have extension cables for antennas , ect. as well as assorted power mics geegaws and doodads


  2. Mr Phil, do you have an SWR meter? All this talk about getting a CB and mounting it and ya don’t want to blow you “Finals” on a mismatched radio/antennae…


  3. Try harbor freight for an OBDII scanner. The cheap ones will check readiness, clear CELs, and read DTCs, no aggravating flash counting. You can get a list of P-codes online.
    The expensive ones can decipher the codes.


    • doubt it. 29 MHZ (or so) for CB, GMRS is 460 (More or less) MHz. Pretty big difference in frequencies. You’d never tune an antenna well for both types.

      Plus CB is AM, GMRS is FM.


  4. Bookmark Copper Electronics for the next time you need something CB:

    Copper is one of the few retail outlets left (unlike Radio Shack, g*d rest their soul) for CB radio. They have EVERYTHING for high-quality CB (and Ham) radios/equipment. Many truck-stops also have radios and sometimes a CB-shop. Look around. But, ANY place other than cheap Chinese-cr@p-Wally-World – please!

    [PS: I have NO connection or financial interest. I am merely a satisfied customer]


  5. Dayum, you guys are the bomb!
    Thanks for the advice and the links!
    I am going to have to either look into this antenna tuning business or try to find someone local who knows what the hell they are doing and that link to the code scanner is very much appreciated!


    • I just checked, for the same item, Copper has better pricing than Right Channel Radios. Right Channel will give you great advice though, and will help you if you have issues. Dunno about Copper.

      If you need to have your antenna tuned, check around truck stops nearby. Lots of time there is a CB shop.


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