A Fund Raiser For Angel

Please head over to Kenny’s place for the details and dig deep.

The poor lady has been through so much shit in her personal life these past few years while going out of her way to help others.

The sudden loss of one of her daughters who her entire world revolves around is beyond comprehension as for anyone with kids will surely know.

I have shed my tears for her and would now like to help her out in any way I can.

I have to go to work right now but tomorrow I will be doing what I can to help.


10 thoughts on “A Fund Raiser For Angel

    • No, it’s kind of hard to explain but I’ll try.
      Angel has a blog also although it went dormant a few months ago because her personal life was stressed out. She had two autistic daughters, the oldest just passed away suddenly.
      How to describe Angel to someone who doesn’t know about her? Very difficult but I’ll give you a quick rundown the way I see it.
      Angel is the unofficial and decidedly unwilling “Den Mother” to a an assortment of bloggers who are all a part of the American Patriot movement in one way or another.A red head from Texas, she is one very sweet lady with a huge heart who you would not ever want to piss off. There was one instance that stands out when she was out in her garage alone with the door open in front and some pervert walked in out of the blue with his little Johnson hanging out. She was cornered and reached behind her and pulled out her pistol from her waistband and chased him right the hell out.
      I have no doubt she would have plugged his ass if he hadn’t took off like a scalded cat. That kind of tough. There are a lot of people with a ton of respect for the lady and I count myself as one of them.
      She has had fund raisers for other people in need and as a matter of fact, the last post she put up was just that. She is wicked smart and doesn’t put up with any bullshit. Her and Kenny (Wirecutter) from Knuckle Draggin’ My Life Away have had a friendly tease the hell out of each other very publicly relationship going back years and are actually good friends. the name of her blog is The Lonely Libertarian and you can find it quite easily by searching for that.
      I hope this helps explain what is going on.

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      • Thanks Phil for explaining the matter. I surely will visit her blog. An acquaintance of my wife also has an autistic son and sometimes I got a glimpse of what that means.


        • My wife and I also have a grown son who is autistic, I met her when he was just a few months old about thirty five years ago and we partied a lot. We went our separate ways until about seven years ago when we hooked up and eventually got married.
          He is my son now and it has been a very eye opening and learning experience. They require an unlimited amount of care and understanding so for her to have two makes her Superwoman to me for being able to deal with it.

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