I Was Convinced I’d Never Make It To Thirty

Holy crap, I’m getting close to doubling it.


Trust me when I say that I am paying for all those youthful indiscretions though.


Amazingly enough, the wifely unit and I stayed up way late and even got a couple of glimpses of the Super Duper Blue Blood Moon eclipse through the clouds. It wasn’t much but I can say I saw part of it.

Now I’m going to bed and going to work when I wake up.


21 thoughts on “I Was Convinced I’d Never Make It To Thirty

  1. Heh, you’re “only” 58!!! Wait till ya break 60!!! Better start exercising now; well at least start stretching; it don’t get any better!!!



  2. Happy Birthday Man, I’m getting pretty close to that myself, turning 55 two weeks ago. Damn frickin’ time is FLYING BY !!

    Thanks for sharing your daily adventures – observations – photos, they really make my day.


    • Forge of Empires. Been playing for six years now. When you work Swingshift you can’t just come home and start pounding fenders and shit out in the garage.The neighbors tend to get a bit bitchy about it.

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  3. Happy Birthday. Ever day on the right side of the grass is a blessing.

    I’ve developed the belief that if you’re not laughing every day of your life, you’re wasting time. Yes, even with work.


  4. Ahhhhh, those youthful indiscretions. Hey, we gotta make em when we’re young, right? 🙂

    A very fine, healthy and Happy Wish to you on your Birth Day ( & every day) and for all those celebrating along with you, Phil.


  5. Happy birthday!
    I never imagined that I would make it past thirty, also.
    When my next birthday comes up in less than two weeks, my DW will start taunting me that I only have two more years until I hit 70.
    I could never imagine such a thing, way back then!


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