You Get One Guess Why A California Woman Is Suing Walmart Over It’s Policy Of Locking Certain Items Behind Glass Doors

If you guessed Rayciss then step right up.



My guess is that WalMart is going to slam this frivolous bullshit suit right down on her stupid little head and I hope they nail her for lawyers fees while doing so.

I have some news for you and other idiots like you, every retailer on the planet keeps track of the items that turn up missing off their shelves and have every right to protect their merchandise in any way they see fit.

Maybe if the stuff you are complaining about wasn’t so ethnic specific it wouldn’t be so comical  from where I sit but even the WalMart right down the road from me does the same thing with certain high end bottles of booze and all of their ammo.

Does that mean I am being discriminated against too honey?

I don’t even drink anymore.

That tells me there are a bunch of low lifes around here too and if WalMart is taking a hit on their bottom line because of it then I don’t blame them one fucking bit for trying to protect their inventory from thieving assholes, no matter what ethnic background they happen to come from.


My advice to you is to channel your anger where it belongs or else STFU and STFD.

5 thoughts on “You Get One Guess Why A California Woman Is Suing Walmart Over It’s Policy Of Locking Certain Items Behind Glass Doors

  1. It’s so refreshing to see the truth spelled out instead of reading PC BS.

    I wonder how many times this twit has come out of a dressing room wearing three layers of clothing (not that you could tell, given her physique). Uh, oh. I guess I’m guilty of “fat-shaming”? Is that what they call it? (And don’t tell me Wally World doesn’t have dressing rooms, just because they’re called the women’s bathroom. OK, they’re not dressing rooms, they’re “boosting rooms”.)


  2. I’m going to land on the side of the bint that’s complaining about racist shelving of product, I really, really want that store to have all their product available to anyone willing to purchase the stuff. BUT, I have to side with the store on this also…..they need to stock the stuff that gets PURCHASED. If there is product that gets shoplifted…., then the store has no reason to stock that crap…….stuff……product.



  3. My local supermarket has all Asian food (noodles, Ramen, etc) all in one aisle. All the cereal is in an aisle all by itself. Same for the coffee aisle. I NEVER knew how racist the supermarket was until now. I feel “white guilt” buying white bread….which, racistly, exists ONLY in the damn bakery area! /sarcasm


  4. Plexiglas doors with a lock is cheaper than a RFID transmitter added to the bottom of a $5 jar of afro-sheen. Wally World know exactly what products are walking out the door that they are not getting paid for.

    This is the type of case that the plaintiff needs to be hit with a frivolous case fine.


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