Our Government Is Broken

The stupid twats still can’t come to an agreement on how to pay for shit.

Here’s a hint, get rid of about a hundred and fifty useless bureaucratic black holes who’s only purpose is to spend all damn day figuring out ways to justify their existence, eh?

govt at work

3 thoughts on “Our Government Is Broken

  1. Yep. if the bureaucracies (and their duties) are NOT specifically enumerated in the Constitution (17 of them IIRC) they need to go. Period.


  2. A good start would be to NOT bring any of the lazy fucks back now that they’re furloughed. Quit whining ‘Merika, get off the tit and keep these people GONE!


  3. Hillary’s Gang rigged the 2016 contest with voter fraud all over (Chicago, Michigan, Virginia, Los Angeles, etc…..) and still lost. Screwing Americans to get more illegal aliens is Schumer’s last chance for American Conquest for the Lelties. The shut down is the Democrat’s Civil War-2 (Yes, I am a Yankee.); the Copperhead’s revenge.

    Amnesty, More Illegals, the Chain and the Lottery will use the Census count (and the resulting reapportionment) to steal state Electoral votes and state legislative slots for the neo-Bolshevik/Progressive/Copperheads.

    Looks like they learned that there was no point in recruiting “honorable” leaders like “Marse Rob’t (Yes, she is from the Old Dominion). Cory, who gained fame stealing school children’s money, is good enough for the monkey stage.

    Do you’all know what “Holodomor” means? It is their plan, always.

    Prosecution at the Federal and state levels might improve their attitude a bit.


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