Democrats Being More Concerned About Illegal Aliens Than Keeping The Government Functioning Is Exactly The Kind Of Shit That Caused Me To Walk Away From Them Years Ago

Yup, it’s true, I used to be a Democrat.
I was raised Democrat, voted a straight Democrat ticket and demonized the Republicans as the party of the rich for decades.
Hell, my dad had an autographed picture of him and Ted Kennedy.

Then back in the mid 90’s, I really got into politics.
I was a political junky, following races in states clear across the country and basically eating and breathing national politics.

Then a funny thing happened.
I started noticing the Democrats pulling some real shady shit.
The more I payed attention, the more I saw

Of course there were always some Democrats I could never stand to begin with anyway too.
Feinstein, that little weasel bastard Lieberman, Schumer and a couple of others come to mind right away.

It happened over the course of a year or two but after watching them closely I finally came to the conclusion that these people didn’t represent my beliefs and were actively doing things that I flat out didn’t agree with.

So I very publicly denounced their asses and walked away.

Don’t think for a second that I suddenly identified with the Republicans either.

Oh hell no.

Independent with a bit of Libertarian for flavor.

That motherfucker Mitch McConnell is still far and away my favorite politician to hate, with that turncoat sonofabitch McCain right there neck and neck with him.
Lindsey Fucking Graham is another one.

Nope, all of these career douche nozzles should be barred from holding office for life at this point as far as I’m concerned.

But it’s this latest turn of the worm that really has me disgusted.

These fucking Democrats are not cut from the same bolt of cloth as the ones I grew up with and have basically gone full fuckin’ commie.

This latest stunt they just pulled causing the government to shut down yet again because they want this DACA thing is wayyy the fuck over the top ladies and gentlemen.

Fuck the government, fuck the men and women in the military living check to check, fuck everybody but especially FUCK YOU, because protecting their future voter base is the most important thing they can think of.

Well I have some news for you traitorous cocksuckers.
I’m not the only Joe Six Pack out here in Dirt World who thinks you just shit the bed and rolled around in it.

Far from it.
As a matter of fact, I am one tiny little particle in a very large mass of people who live in this country who all think you just shit the bed and rolled around in it.

Granted quite a few of them have the attention span of a goldfish but there are enough of us with at least two marbles still rolling around upstairs who ain’t gonna forget this little fucking you just handed out and will be looking for the first opportunity to be handing a good fucking right back to you.

Count on it.

Remember this?


That’s who you just pissed off.

Silly little bitches wanna play games?

It’s on.

10 thoughts on “Democrats Being More Concerned About Illegal Aliens Than Keeping The Government Functioning Is Exactly The Kind Of Shit That Caused Me To Walk Away From Them Years Ago

  1. Or, (and I agree with you 100%) one could also see that they think all that Government that they essentially voted to shut down isn’t really all that necessary….)


  2. me too. dyed in the wool, bone deep down to and including the marrow.
    this lot just call themselves democrat to get the votes.
    registered republican now.
    just want the Constitution respected and upheld.
    traitors must go to prison for life. or else to the firing squad.

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  3. Game on indeed. Now they’ve nailed their colors to the mast, it’s time to hoist the black flag.

    “Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.”
    ― H.L. Mencken


  4. That little blue crap county in North Central Florida, well, that’s the fuck place I live in. The People’s Democratic Republic of Alachua County. Fucking hate the politics here. There are even card-carrying fully acknowledged Communists running around here.

    But the place is my home. And I fight for it, whenever I can. I yell at the Obama people, because it makes me feel good. I laugh at the Hillary people and ask how they can support a traitor. And I always ask the Bernie Bros how their boss can have 3 homes and fancy cars, and why isn’t that against the tenets of Socialism.

    And I am not the only raging conservative around here. There’s a whole secret society. We’re the Resistance. And it’s funny hearing someone in a checkout line say “The Chair is against the Wall.” when they hear some pinko spouting off the latest MSM talking points.

    Comes the Revolution…

    Deus Vult!


  5. Ground Game, Folks.

    Look at the map. Illinois and Virginia went to the Prog witch because of the deep blue cesspools in Chicago,and on the south side of the Patomac. There is a roster of Kleptocracies like Saint Louis that are primed to rule by gaming the upcoming Census (2020)

    Amnesty, the Chain, and the Kleptocracy will make those pools deeper and more destructive unless something is done. Your “Red” suburbs and rural cross-roads are “safe” and irrelevant in the big game.

    What’s that I hear?


  6. I agree with you 100% Now if we could find some republicans with a backbone trump could really get a lot of stuff done, He’s biggest problem has been and will be establishment republicans who don’t want anything to change. Matter of fact, they would allow as many illegal aliens at the demopcraps if they could get away with it.


  7. Why are we American citizens called “Deplorables” when people illegally here are called “Dreamers?” Oh, and if they are called “Dreamers” because they are young and have dreams of a bright future, then what about the young CITIZENS of this country – can’t THEY dream, too?

    I never did like the Dems, but I hate them with more fury with every passing year. They are all in with the full-on collectivists (A.K.A. Communists), and my paternal grandfather’s family was royally f*cked by the Communists in Russia (including having his father beaten so badly in 1937 – like Otto Warmbier recently in NK – that he died shortly thereafter). I OWE those f*ckers!


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