FISA Abuse By FBI and DOJ alleged to be “Worse Than Watergate”, Congress Wants Public To See Classified Memo

Some State Representatives in the House who saw this bit of info the FBI has been sitting on flat out said that some high ranking DOJ and FBI people may well be going to jail over this abuse of the FISA court to spy on Trump and bet me money that if it comes to that, they are going to flip on who really ordered it done.

We shall see because as far as I can tell, about half or more of Obama’s inner circle should be sitting in the slammer right fucking now and not one has even had so much as a single criminal complaint filed against them.

Either way it sounds like some first class Kabuki Theater is on the schedule for the near future.
I generally try to see what else they are trying to divert our attention from when this kind of shit goes on.
They are real fond of using theatrics to hide behind.

3 thoughts on “FISA Abuse By FBI and DOJ alleged to be “Worse Than Watergate”, Congress Wants Public To See Classified Memo

  1. Expect congress to start another war or the pentagon to cause a false flag event. If the lib’s go down, they are going to take establishment rino’s with them. Expect the whole corrupt govt and media move to divert with another crises..


  2. Nothing is going to happen to anyone of consequence….Let’s all say this out loud. NOTHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN. Why? Because ALL federal prosecution. MUST go through the Just Us Department. And Obama’s puppet master Valerie Jarrett made sure that Obama minions Eric Holder
    and Loretta Lynch purged that entity of ANY dissenters and packed it to the gills with good obedient commie leftists. There is NOBODY in the Just Us Department who will prosecute anyone involved in the long term Demonrat plot to overthrow the government and take permanent control. The enemies of freedom are evil…..and their supporters are stupid. But the leadership is NOT stupid. You don’t engage in seditious conduct without corrupting and co-opting the mechanisms that might imprison you. So the Just Us Department has no problem going after normal citizens an conservatives but they will NEVER prosecute own. This is why the Clintons are still wandering around free.


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