The Backlash To Police Use Of Deadly Force Begins In Washington State

Supporters of an Initiative to redefine the standards for allowing the use of deadly force by police have turned in 360,000 signatures trying to get it on the ballot and if law makers approve an amended version of it, BOTH versions will go on the ballot in November.
I’d say it has a pretty good chance of passing, too.



360K signatures turned in on Wash. police deadly force initiative


OLYMPIA, Wash.  – Supporters of a measure that would lower the bar for prosecuting police who use deadly force turned in signatures to the secretary of state’s office in their effort to qualify the initiative to the Legislature.

The campaign for Initiative 940 says it turned in 360,000 signatures Thursday.

Current law states an officer can’t be charged if he or she acted in good faith and without malice, or “evil intent,” when using deadly force. I-940 would change the law to consider what a “reasonable officer” might have done under the circumstances, and would also take into account an officer’s intentions to determine if she or he acted in good faith.

Law enforcement officers would also be required to have extra training for de-escalation, mental health, and first aid.

“It’s time. I think people are tired,” said Katrina Johnson, whose cousin, Charleena Lyles, was shot and killed by Seattle police in June after officers said she threatened them with a knife.

Johnson said her cousin suffered from mental health problems and thinks the training called for in the initiative would have prevented her from being killed.

“They would have thought twice about pulling the trigger; they would have took a little more time to get her the help she needed,” said Johnson.

If state lawmakers don’t approve the measure during the upcoming legislative session, it will go before voters in November. If lawmakers approve an amended version of the initiative, both proposals would go to the ballot.

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It’s a start but only a start.

I would like to see some severe restrictions placed on the use of SWAT teams being used to serve warrants too but I will take any roll back of police violence I can get.

6 thoughts on “The Backlash To Police Use Of Deadly Force Begins In Washington State

  1. I remember when the government decided to add “reasonable” to accommodation for people with disabilities and the storm that came with that. So “reasonable officer” kinda sounds like a officer wont have a chance anymore


    • i’d say this is the most favorable response to the abuse of power by the authorities. the code of silence, complicity of prosecutors, civil asset forfeiture, corruption, just a few examples. the least favorable being war on cops


      • It may be the most favorable but it is certainly isn’t the most reasonable response. These types of measures tend to backfire on the public with cops having potential slower reaction time and decisions based on fear of retaliation by a group of people who will pretend to know what they were thinking. And who would make those decisions? In Seattle i doubt they will get a fair shake if the panels are made up of the very citizens who brought forth the measure.


  2. Meh. The Sec State will invalidate most of the signatures anyway. If they want to straighten out the crap, limit the unions and their ability to get any concessions they want from the elites.


  3. If you restrict the police too much it would be akin to the ROE (rules of engagement) that restricts troops not to fire unless already fired upon, etc. This makes it impossible to stop crime or even fight a war.


    • Problem with your argument is the premise that our cops are fighting a war. That is what has gotten us to this point. Police are citizens who are taken a job in law enforcement, what many are missing is that they are still subject to those same laws they are responsible for enforcing. If anything they should be held to a higher standard. Right now this is not happening. That needs to be reversed and this initiative looks like a start.


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