Your Choice


Pick one,

A. Crazy fucking lunatic


B. Someone with Mad Skillz and a huge set of clanging brass balls.


C. Showoff.


D. All of the above.


Leave your choice and reasons for it in the comments.

I already know what I think.

17 thoughts on “Your Choice

  1. Well, I am pretty sure that this was a regatta and I‘m equally sure that those other boats were trespassing – they had no business sticking around there and they had the undeserved luck not gotten sunk. Such racing yachts are fucking fast and a skipper can’t just use a brake. If he‘d tried going around these obstacles he would have crossed the paths of the other yachts which also would have been very dangerous.
    If this yacht would have crashed into a boat of one of these idiots I am also sure that every judge would have ruled the trespasser guiltily.
    My five cents.


  2. D is my answer. Should have been an E as well – richr’n God because the person controlling that would have payed a lot of $$$ in damages if they had hit someone.


  3. That it’s obviously a race, that those dumb fucks in the power boats shouldn’t be withing a quarter mile of the nearest sail boat, that he did have room and the time to tack hard to Starboard but knew he would have lost his wind, that whoever was Skippering that sloop is a crazy fucking lunatic with Mad Skillz, huge balls, way too much money and way too much time on his hands.

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