Singin’ Those Been Down To The DMV Blues

$265 to transfer the title on the Bronco, get new registration and new plates with new tags. I had a Bill of Sale for $1200 written up or it would have been over $325.

The tags are good for one year and will be almost $90 next January.


I can’t even drive it yet.


8 thoughts on “Singin’ Those Been Down To The DMV Blues

  1. Fucking states and DMV… there ain’t no reason on hell the reg/plate/transfer should cost that much except to fuck us over the barrel.


  2. Not too bad. Our DMV did away with the bill of sale or “as is “claim years ago. You now have to pay the tax for the current market value(blue book)of said vehicle no matter what you paid for it.


    • They have tried to pull something similar to that on me a couple of times, claiming that the vehicle in question was a “classic” and that it was worth such and such amount of money according to some fucking tables they had.
      The last time they tried to pull that shit on me was with my 1980 El Camino, claiming it was worth $4,000 according to them.
      It just so happened that the primer black beastie was parked right in front of their window so I pointed at it and told the woman to get out her checkbook because I would most certainly take that much for it.
      I had traded a 67 Ford truck for it so we haggled a bit and finally decided $1,000 was more like it.
      Theivin’ cocksuckers.
      I have probably had close to 60 vehicles over the years and have fought with those motherfuckers over and over in 3 different states.
      They ain’t pullin’ no fast ones on me but it makes me wonder just how many ignorant fuckers they do get with that bullshit.


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