It’s All Coming Back To Me Now

I went to a wrecking yard today and found a connector that is missing on the alternator.
The other end of it is going to have to cut off and a Fusible Link attached to it or maybe I will just hook it up to one of the several circuit breakers on the starter solenoid that someone was kind enough to provide.

This thing has had someone hooking up electrical add on’s all over the fucking place.
The guy I got it from thought maybe it was an old Forest Service rig which I don’t think it was but maybe, ya know?

I can see where there used to be a spotlight on the A Pillar, wiring for a CB and where an antenna was mounted, it has extra running lights wired in and I won’t be a bit surprised to find all sorts of other shit the more I dig into it.
The original horns are where they are supposed to be but there are two more hooked up and bastard wired in off to the side of the engine for some reason.

The alternator wiring I am pretty sure is going to be a pretty simple fix except for the dash gauge which I haven’t even looked into yet.

The reason the title of the post says it’s all coming back to me now is that I surfed the web, found a Bronco forum, started looking around and some guy was nice enough to post  downloadable PDF copies of the original Ford Motor Company repair manuals, including the EVTM manual.

I used to use those fuckers every day.
EVTM stands for Electrical/Vacuum Trouble Shooting Manual and they are a must have to work on this kind of shit.
They are also worth their weight in gold if you know how to use them.


The blue is where the connector is missing at the alternator, the yellow is the Fusible Link that is missing and the red is where all three of the heavy gauge hot wires are supposed to come together.

Someone wired all 3 of the heavy gauge wires directly to the starter solenoid with no circuit protection.

A big fucking No No.

I can snip the connector off the wring and plugs I just got and hook all 3 of them right to a circuit breaker on the starter solenoid and be done.

The wire circled in black at the bottom right is supposed to go to the idiot light on the dash.


Easy peasy.

7 thoughts on “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now

  1. Yep, it all comes back to you. When I was doing my “Vegas Or Bust” suspension rebuild on the Supra, I found I was remembering little tricks from my serious wrench spinning days.

    And those manuals are pure gold. One of the first things I did when I bought the Supra was search out and buy all the Toyota service manuals and Technical books they had that covered the car: the engine, fuel injection, emission controls, electrical diagrams and even training manuals on the systems provided to the service techs who took Toyota Factory training.


  2. Sweetie,

    You’re obviously a mechanical & electrical genius, but can you help me figure out why I can’t get anyone to help me fix a gasket that’s leaking oil resulting in blinding black smoke going right into the driver’s face?

    It’s almost as if no one wants to make any money fixing this problem for me. Can you perceive what they are worried about?

    Glad you’re doing well!

    Love you,


    • I would of course need more information to even hazard a guess.
      If you would like to tell me what make, model, year etc. and what gasket you are talking about I will give it a shot though.


      • Thanks for any info as it’s waaay more than I’m getting here.

        It’s a 1989 Toyota Cressida that was driving perfectly before emitting a dense, black smoke from right in front of the driver’s seat. It has 165K miles & is perfectly maintained otherwise.

        I was told by a repair guy who works on old Toyotas that it’s a bad gasket that lets oil seep and thus the black smoke.

        How does this sound to you?

        Thanks again!


        • Well, that’s not much to go on and I’m going to have to make the assumption that when you say it is coming from the left front seat you mean you are sitting in the drivers seat and it is coming from the left front of the car and not right in front of the seat literally.
          Usually, oil smoke is blue.
          Thick black smoke generally indicates an engine running extremely rich and if it is coming from the front of the car it would also indicate an exhaust leak, which you should be able to hear.
          My next questions are, does it do it all the time, does it only do it occasionally, do you see any oil spots on the ground underneath the car where you park it, do you take it somewhere and have the oil changed and if you do can you ask them if they see something leaking?
          Most Jiffy Lube type outfits will tell you if you have an oil leak but won’t tell you where it is coming from, just that it is leaking.
          Did anything quit working?
          If it was black smoke from an electrical short you should have been able to tell right away because that type of smoke is very acrid.

          If nothing else seems to be out of the ordinary then I would suggest biting the bullet and finding a reputable repair shop and have them look and tell you for certain what the problem is. It shouldn’t take them more than one hour maximum to be able to figure it out but you need to give them as much information as possible.
          I have tried diagnosing things over the internet before and without a ton of information it is almost impossible because being able to see what you are talking about can not be easily substituted with the written word.
          If you want me to keep trying I will, I just need a whole lot more to go on.


          Gotta love the fucking things, right?


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