Do You Remember The Santa Barbara Oil Spill In 1969?

I do.

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I would imagine that there are still quite a few environmental whackos out there that do too.


Get ready for them to start foaming at the mouth and barking at the moon.

From the LA Times;

Trump moves to expand oil and gas drilling off coast of California, other U.S. waters

THURSDAY, JANUARY 4, 2018, 10:46 AM PT
The Trump administration today proposed opening the largest expanse of the nation’s offshore oil and natural gas reserves ever offered to global energy companies, including waters off the coast of California.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke said the draft five-year leasing plan would commit 90% of the nation’s offshore reserves to leasing.








That spill back in 1969 is the reason we have Earth Day and is why there are no oil drilling rigs right off the coast of California anymore .


Nixon got squeezed hard and banned offshore drilling period because of it.


Looks like The Donald thinks we need to bring that back.

There is no f doubt there is a shit ton of oil out there just waiting to be pumped out, the wells are all still there, capped off.  It’s the new exploration that is really going to see the foam fly.


There is going to be a shit storm of controversy over this as sure as the sun comes up every morning.

I mean shit storm.

Makes me wonder what else he has up his sleeve that he is planning on doing while all these people go apeshit over this.


Ya gotta keep your eyes on both hands with him.


As an aside, try a Google search using the words Nixon bans offshore drilling and see what you get.

I get zero mention of Nixon and oodles of links about Obama.


Obama tried to tie that shit up and make it Trump Proof.

I think he is in for some bad news.

It’s like everything else I have observed in my entire life.

The rules are only rules until someone really wants them changed.

Then you can just ignore them and use these new rules.

I see it all the time.


Kinda like the Constitutional protections, the Bill of Rights and a host of other so called  laws that get ignored daily anymore.

5 thoughts on “Do You Remember The Santa Barbara Oil Spill In 1969?

  1. Saw it firsthand.
    SB County will lose its collective shit, but there’s a shitton of oil just sitting there. Although Standard oil supposedly took to angular onshore drilling in the interim to hit some of it, the offshore fields are largely untapped.


  2. And BTW, the dozen and a half or so offshore rigs have been in continuous production from OC, LA, Ventura, and SB counties since then, there just haven’t been any new offshore platforms built since ’69.


  3. I like to stop at the beach in Gaviota when I go by there (not often). I do remember trying to get that oil off my feet in the early 70s down there…


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