Israel Tells African “Infiltrators” To GTFO Or Face Prison

Dayum, there is going to be a legal shit storm over this but I will be very interested to see if it doesn’t work in the mean time.



Israel: African migrants told to leave or face imprisonment


The Israeli government has issued a notice for thousands of African migrants to leave the country or face imprisonment.

The migrants will be given up to $3,500 (£2,600) for leaving within the next 90 days.

They will be given the option of going to their home country or third countries.

If they do not leave, the Israeli authorities have threatened that they will start jailing them from April.

The Israeli government says their return will be humane and “voluntary”.

The order exempts children, elderly people, and victims of slavery and human trafficking.


Image copyrightGETTY IMAGES
Image caption People from Eritrea and Sudan make up a significant number of migrants in Israel

A spokesperson for Israel’s Population and Immigration Authority told the BBC there were currently 38,000 “infiltrators” in Israel, of whom just 1,420 were being held in detention facilities.

Israel uses the term “infiltrators” to describe people who did not enter the country through an official border crossing.

Many of the migrants – who are mostly from Eritrea and Sudan – say they came to Israel to seek asylum after fleeing persecution and conflict, but the authorities regard them as economic migrants.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has claimed that an unchecked influx of African migrants could threaten Israel’s Jewish character.


My bold.

As you can see for yourself up above, this industrious bunch is already out looking for jobs to support themselves and their families, they were just on a short break here.


Interesting angle there, calling them infiltrators is thinking outside the box.

Not Illegal immigrants, infiltrators.

I like it.

Lets take a look at the definition of infiltrator, shall we?



[in-fil-treyt, in-fil-treyt] 
Spell Syllables
verb (used with object)infiltrated, infiltrating.


to filter into or through; permeate.


to cause to pass in by filtering.

4. to pass a small number of (soldiers, spies, or the like) into a territory or organization clandestinely and with hostile or subversive intent:

The intelligence agency infiltrated three spies into the neighboring country.
My bold, the link goes to the dictionary definition.
I’m thinking that a whole bunch of Europeans just perked their ears up when they saw this too.
I’m sure Trump is watching this too.
Give ’em  enough money for a one way ticket to anywhere but here and a small grubstake with no strings attached.
Brilliant move.

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