With The New Year Comes New Challenges

Obviously since you are reading this you managed to survive another year here on this spinning rock we call home.

Good, I’m glad to see it.

This is going to ramble on a bit I’m afraid, this post is kind of a stream of conscience/ whatever is going on in my head at the moment kind of post.

I didn’t bother with any New Years resolutions this year, a complete waste of my time if I had.

I know me well enough to know I have the attention span of a gnat in heat anymore. Some people call it being scatter brained, I prefer saying that I have eclectic interests. I am interested in a hundred different things, all at the same damn time.

I have all these grand plans and wind up not getting fuck all done, I have a garage full of projects as proof of that fact to remind me every fucking day.


That is what is in my immediate future.
Every once in a while, I get sick of my own shit and start cleaning house.
I am way overdue for some of that again I see.

When I get on those once in a while kicks, I get brutal.

Shit goes away.


Shit that I normally wouldn’t part with goes to the fucking dump.
It’s that time again.

There are other things that require my attention also.

There is going to be some economic pain coming, out of necessity.
Now that the kid has moved out we are going to get the fuck out of debt again.

It’s nothing out of control but it has crept up enough to the point that now is the time to tackle it before it gets any worse.
Some of it is the usual after Christmas holy crap kind of thing and some of it is things that we either needed or wanted to do at the time that we put on the credit cards.
Like I said, it’s not anything crazy but we want to get it paid off so there will be some austerity going on for a few months.
This is a good thing.

Before any of that happens though, there is going to be a pretty good hit on our savings coming up here real shortly.
As much as I love my El Camino, it sucks ass in the Winter time when the snow and ice fly. It has been nickel-diming me here lately and there was already a bunch of little shit wrong with it that as a mechanic I have just been ignoring.

The list has been getting longer here lately and I can’t afford to pay someone a hundred bucks an hour to fix stupid shit on it, especially when I could do it myself if I had a place and the time to do it. Working on the fucker out in the street in the middle of Winter ain’t my idea of a good time.

I have an opportunity to buy a 1989 Ford Bronco in very good condition at a very good price and I am pretty sure I am going to jump on it.
It has a couple of issues but has been taken pretty good care of. Looking at what they still get for prices when you can find them, I am getting a smoking good deal. About 1/2 of what I see them going for around here.
I am going to go take a close look at it later today and either say yes or no.
I have already discussed it with the wife.
For once it wasn’t a knock down winner take all kind of discussion. God love her, she is tight with money but after her recent experience driving on the ice it softened her right up when I mentioned 4 wheel drive.

That El Camino will scare the living shit out of you on the ice and Winter is just really getting started around here.

So those are just a few of the things staring me in the face on this first day of a new year.
It may be TMI and it may be you could give a rats ass, sometimes I use this Blog as a way to clear my head and don’t worry about what other people think.

It’s therapeutic and it’s cheap.

Anyways, thanks for stopping by and Happy New Year to you all.

11 thoughts on “With The New Year Comes New Challenges

  1. Happy New Year to you and your family. Good luck with the Bronco. I’ve had a few. Great trucks except I hate those front ends. Upper ball joints are a pain in the ass. I would almost rather pound out kingpins.


  2. I had a 13 year vacation in the upper mid-west, Illinois, Michigan & the last 6 years in northern Minnesota. I found 4wd to be a great way to get out of the ditch after I found the ice & I always found ice.
    Good luck with your plans, your new year & the Bronco!


  3. As much as I fought it for being the yuppie image, my AWD sedan beats the tar out of a 4X4 truck for everything except deep snow (and I’ve stopped driving in deep snow). Tons of nice used ones for sale as lease returns and nobody tried to tow something overweight (except my lard butt) with them. The rear seats fold down for dogs or gear, too.


  4. My sister’s Ranchero loved to swap ends on snow and ice. Even with weight in the back, it was squirrelly. Getting out of debt was the BEST thing I’ve ever done. I started sockin’ away some so when I find what I need, I can just buy it and be done. Best thing ever. You won’t reget it.

    Good luck getting the stuff out. I’ve be working years on a pile from an old business I had, and this year is it. I’m done with the crap, and it’s leaving. Recycle or dump, its time to deal with it.
    I appreciate your point of view.


  5. Happy new year! I have some cleaning to do myself and as for the Ramblin on, keep doing it. Always an enjoyable place to come to, here at your blog. All the best.


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