Good Eye

good eye

Nice shot!


Shit, the front sight would be a blur anymore. and the only thing I would be able to see about that candle would be a blurry orange dot on top of a fuzzy white stick.

About 35 years ago I bought a cool assed Ruger single shot .22 rifle with an octagonal barrel that was a fucking tack driver.

I got to fucking around out in the sand dunes one day with some buddies. There was a half burned driftwood log right in front of a small dune and we were setting targets on it.


Someone dug around in their day pack and came up with a big box of Strike Anywhere stick matches, I’m sure you can imagine the boasting, bragging and dares that followed shortly after.

In short order there were ten matches stuck into the log after drilling some small holes with our pocket knives.

I can’t remember how long it took or how many rounds, I do remember it was a lot of both, but I did finally manage to hit one of those match heads just right from about ten feet away and light it.

That was with iron sights BTW.


I really miss my eyesight.

I sold that rifle not long after I bought it and have kicked myself for that ever since.

6 thoughts on “Good Eye

    • After seeing your comment and scouring the web for an hour trying to find the rifle I have pictured in my head I have come to the conclusion that I have a really bad memory.,
      It couldn’t have been a Ruger apparently even though that is what has been stuck in my head all these years. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a Henry so I’m leaning towards an old Winchester but I do know for a fact that it was a single shot and it had an octagon barrel because that is the reason I bought it in the first place and the reason I got rid of it was because it was only a single shot.
      I also want to say I bought it new or at least it looked new, I bought it at an Army Surplus outfit in like 1980 or 81 for like 150 dollars.
      I will never forget that it was a true tack driver though.


  1. I have a hand built 10-22 rifle (no Ruger parts, all aftermarket) that, on a calm day, with no coffee, using the scope, from a rest, I can light matches about 70% of the time at 50 yards…

    Getting old is a botch, ain’t it?


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