In A Stupifying Leap Of Championship Level Stupidity, Two California Professors Now Claim Farmers Markets Are Racist Too

These two pompous assholes need to be beaten about the head and shoulders with a stale loaf of artisan bread.

Farmers’ markets a racially biased cause of ‘environmental gentrification,’ professors say

Two California professors are criticizing farmers’ markets for causing “environmental gentrification” in which “habits of white people are normalized.”

San Diego State University geography professors Pascale Joassart-Marcelli and Fernando J. Bosco contend that farmers’ markets are “white spaces” oppressing minorities in a chapter for “Just Green Enough,” an environmental anthology focused on urban development.

Environmental gentrification is defined as a process where “environmental improvements lead to … the displacement of long-term residents,” according to the anthology.

The professors, as reported by Campus Reform, say farmers’ markets are “exclusionary” because locals cannot “afford the food and/or feel excluded from these new spaces.”

The SDSU professors, who teach classes like “Geography of Food” and “Food Justice,” argue that “farmers’ markets are often white spaces where the food consumption habits of white people are normalized.”

While such markets are typically set up to help combat “food deserts” in low-income and minority communities, the academics argue that they instead “attract households from higher socio-economic backgrounds, raising property values and displacing low-income residents and people of color.”

“The most insidious part of this gentrification process is that alternative food initiatives work against the community activists and residents who first mobilized to fight environmental injustices and provide these amenities but have significantly less political and economic clout than developers and real estate professionals,” the professors argue.


They claim that, while “curbing gentrification is a vexing task,” the negative externalities of “white habitus” formed at farmers’ markets can be managed through “slow and inclusive steps that balance new initiatives and neighborhood stability to make cities ‘just green enough.’”

My bold.

You fucking people are reaching so far the crack of your ass is showing under your shirt tails.


“Normalization of white people’s food habits”?


“The locals feel excluded”

Oh for fuck’s sake, REALLY?!

Here we go with The FEELZ again.

Here’s the real stretch,

“While such markets are typically set up to help combat “food deserts” in low-income and minority communities, the academics argue that they instead “attract households from higher socio-economic backgrounds, raising property values and displacing low-income residents and people of color.”

So it looks to me that what they are saying is that once one of these “small, community markets” are established, us white folks drop everything we are doing and move into these little communities as fast as possible to take advantage of these wicked good deals on root vegetables at the expense of any locals and especially ” people of color”?

Give me a fucking break you sanctimonious douchebag, educated idiots.

If you choose not to go to one of these markets, that is your choice.

The vendors set the prices, it is their produce.

If you can’t afford those prices you are really pushing the boundaries of logic by trying to blame white people for that.


I am getting fed the fuck up with these ridiculous attempts to blame every single problem imaginable on “white people”.

Especially the imaginary problems.

They come up with more bullshit  non issue problems every single day and a perfect example of that was just on the local news, some skinny Libtard split tail was whining about the humorous labels some outfit was putting on their ice cream containers claiming that it was detrimental to people who have “portion control problems”.


First off, if you have “portion control problems”, that tells me you are a gluttonous pig and they came up with that bullshit label to make excuses for your fat ass and second, gluttonous fat assed pigs with “portion control problems” should probably stay away from large containers of anything, let alone ice cream.


It’s like the entire population of this country has arrested development and every fucking book smart cocksucker out there is an expert on some damn thing and the stupid idiots in the general population take every crackpot bullshit theory they come up with as gospel.


Y’all need to grow the fuck up out there America and take responsibility for your own lives and your own actions.

Quit trying to come up with imaginary excuses for your own behavior and stop thinking the white people in this country are spending their days and nights thinking up ways to fuck you over.

I have a news flash for you morons, we live here too and are so busy trying to keep our own heads above water and taking care of our own families to be bothered with actively fucking anybody else over.

Our heads are on a swivel any more looking around in disbelief at all the shit every motherfucker and his dog is blaming us for, wondering where in the hell we found the time to do all that shit when we can’t even find the time to keep up with our kids.


Quit looking for excuses and start taking care of your own shit.

Leave us the fuck out of it, we ain’t the problem.



17 thoughts on “In A Stupifying Leap Of Championship Level Stupidity, Two California Professors Now Claim Farmers Markets Are Racist Too

  1. 😂😂
    I can REALLY SINCERELY feel with you – but please take care of your arterial blood pressure!!!
    Over here we‘ve got the same human colostomy shit bags.
    What they tell us?
    Oh, since we’re of German, nah make that Teutonic – better Hunnic – even better: sub-dogshit heritage it is pretty obvious that EVERYTHING my people accomplished and every tradition we came up with over the last couple of millennia was just a preparation for „ze Holocaust™!“
    You ARE guilty!
    You’re a white heterosexual male!
    Whites are the cancer of the earth!
    Don’t you get it?


    • Yeah, I get it.
      I’m of the opinion that if they think me and my fellow white male heterosexual male contemporaries are such a problem that they can either come and try to take us out and be done with it or self segregate and watch as their society and infrastructure revert to the mean and the price of donkeys used for transport rival the price of a new Lexus.

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  2. So, food deserts are bad, grocery stores are owned by jjjeeeeewwwwssss, farmers markets are skinny jeaned millenials…….wait,……… I’m trying to catch up here…….so it seems to me that ANYTHING that happens in a city is whities fault?!!?! And anything that is done to mitigate the po peoples plight is a sign of pandering and colonialism…….except giving them EBT cards and section 8 housing……
    So are those writers of that tripe; black, white, orange or green? Oh wait, did I just show my whiteness in even questioning da au-tor-a-ties credentials???



  3. these ‘professors’ are just jumping on the bandwagon of the moment probably in order to get their garbage published. [i bet they go to farmers’ markets to get their california vegetarian macrobiotic stash every week.]
    remember the ‘academic’ who fostered ‘ebonics’ a few years ago? she was published and then turmoil was raised, probably much to her enjoyment and increased speakers’ fees.
    other ‘academics’ were all over her bandwagon.

    you’ve got to remember that college fees you pay for your kids are spent on some of this trash as they cannot receive their diplomas unless they take some of these ‘gender’ and ‘race’ courses.
    our boy had to take two of them which he had to pay for, in classes where the menopausal, crazy female profs told him he was dampening discussion just by sitting quietly in class. his ‘maleness’ was apparently infusing the room with a miasma which quelled the other members of the captive audience.
    he was forced to do it or the diploma would not be issued.


  4. One person doesn’t know who they are, so they need two last names for security, and the other person is named after a chocolate syrup. :/ Fucking idiots.


  5. You know what I rarely see at a farmer’s market?


    So it’ll be OK if either of these mopes grab one and go fuck themselves with one without any risk of cultural appropriation. Win-win.

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  6. I think the Libs are pissed because white people go to the farmers markets and buy raw vegetables and things then take them home and cook them into delicious meals and the black folk went there once and found out there wasn’t a McDonalds on site and since their one parent didn’t teach them the basics of life or how to support themselves so they left and never came back because there is no market for stolen vegetables in the hood.


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