Livin’ A Dream

This guy is one lucky sonofabitch.
He’s also pretty funny.
I’ll be waiting for the Pantera.

Santa was actually beddy beddy good to me this year.
I got tickets to go see this,

How much influence has Judas Priest had on my life?

I got my first speeding ticket, doing 72 in a 45, in a 66 Chevy Pickup, with that song blasting on an 8 track tape player.

That was 37 years ago and I still love that shit.

3 thoughts on “Livin’ A Dream

  1. Goddamnit, I wish could remember the song I had on the last time I got pulled over. It was a very early Wisconsin spring day. Normal high was probably 30, and it was 60 – I had the stereo cranked, windows open, and blasting down the road.

    Cop pulled me over, asked if I could turn the ROCKING TUNES* down, then let me off with a warning.

    *Rocking Tunes may be paraphrasing. Results were positive but details hazy.


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