7 thoughts on “I Can Quit Wondering About That Now

    • Now that I think about it, how much freakin’ pasta you figure gets made in this country every year?
      Metric assloads I’m thinking. Those extrusion dies are food grade of course but just that one company and the selections on their web page should give someone an idea of just how much very expensive special equipment it takes to make all those cool little shapes out of pasta dough.
      That is one little aspect of one industry.
      It boggles the mind if you try and imagine all the different things that get extruded every day in this country alone.


  1. Those shells that hold molten lav… err, Cheese when you nuke them. This is the machine that doth create the product that eventually has you spending a week with loose skin hanging from the roof of your mouth. Evil pasta I say.

    The offer you cant refuse.


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