Bad Alternator

I just got through putting it in and it’s fixed.

Of course, like anything I get involved with it turned into a fiasco.

I had to make two trips to the parts house because they sold me the wrong one even after going into excruciating detail over what year, make, model, engine size, engine displacement, air conditioning or no and whether or not my mother was left handed

It never fucking fails.

Just for fun it was raining off and on and the one that did fit had a stripped out bolt hole for the adjusting bolt. I wound up putting a nut behind it underneath the adjusting bracket and had to use my head to push on a pry bar to tighten the belt while I tightened the bolt with one hand and held a wrench on the nut with the other hand.


But it works and everything shuts off now when I turn the key off.

I still have to put a bunch of shit back together under the steering column but I will take care of that later.


Thanks for the comments and the suggestions.

5 thoughts on “Bad Alternator

  1. Late to the party, but here goes…..In my experience, it’s usually the brushes that wear out in modern US alternators. The rotor then gets no voltage, and the alternator doesn’t put out any power.

    Yes, I’ve seen diodes short and bearings go bad, but it was usually after I replaced the brush assembly 3 or 4 times.

    My 75 VW Scirocco would eat a brush assembly every 40,000 miles. Cost $8 in parts, and I eventually got so good at it that I could swap the brush assembly out with the alternator still on the car.

    Glad you got it fixed…..


  2. Glad you got it figured out. Last time i tried to tighten a alternator like you did i ended up having the crowbar slip off and damaging the radiator hose which was on its nine life already. Merry Christmas to you and yours


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