Western Senators Calling For Full Investigation Into Government Thuggery And Malfeasance In Bundy Standoff Case

Oh yeah, that little Bundy Affair back a few years ago that has been in and out of the news ever since just got a very bright spot light turned on it and it’s the kind that causes government cock roaches to scurry for cover.

There is going to be some very bad and well deserved publicity getting passed around .

It has been reported that the government lawyers prosecuting the Bundy’s and anyone else they could drum up some charges on, intentionally withheld evidence that could have helped the defense among other sordid details that emerged after a Senior BLM investigator blew the whistle on the intentional improprieties after trying to use his chain of command to report the abuses and instead getting pulled off case and having all of his files, computers and evidence seized.

Come to find out there was a whole boat load of shady shit going on behind the scenes at BLM including the fact that the FBI actually had snipers scoping the goings on while BLM was busy trying to perform a para military take down of the Bundy’s, long before the stand off happened.

It is government abuse of the highest order here folks and now that a Mistrial has been declared because  this senior BLM investigator blew the whistle on all of this abuse and thuggery, several Western State Senators are calling for a full investigation of the whole matter.



Grab your popcorn because before this is over it is going to be highly informative  and entertaining as the dirty laundry these thugs have been sitting on gets tossed out into the bright sunlight of an official investigation and the ensuing reaction of public opinion.

The BLM, The FBI, and The DOJ are all going to get grilled before this is over and the BLM especially is about to get some extra special attention regarding their war like activities in the matter.

“Crimes have been committed”.

Those words are already in print and on the record.

Now we shall see who did what to whom  and why maybe.


Hell, the Bundy’s may yet walk out Scot Free and the government thugs may well be the ones on trial before this is over.

One can only hope but I do still have one Christmas wish left…


6 thoughts on “Western Senators Calling For Full Investigation Into Government Thuggery And Malfeasance In Bundy Standoff Case

  1. As we’ve see with Hillary Clinton, the last administration and dealing with the deep state, many are above the law in modern America.
    We’ll see….


  2. Anyone actually thinking anything meaningful will happen to the criminals in power is delusional. They may offer up a scapegoat or two but the true string puller bureaucrats are safe a long as the entrenched system remains functional. The “mistrial” was declared NOT to serve the interest of justice but to give the fed prosecutor a “Mulligan”…. a chance to try again without worry of an appeal overturning the convictions they WILL GET by any means necessary. This isn’t over. The JustUs department is merely regrouping to reassault the Bundys.


  3. All well and good, but I hate to point out that Lavoy Finicun will be walking nowhere.
    Justice remains unserved until his murderer(s) are held accountable.


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