I Can Smell The Old Grease From Here

Somebody has their very own little slice of Heaven on Earth.

I stumbled on this while surfing Youtube. There are several more videos including one where they yank an old Studebaker truck engine and rebuild it, put it back in and it fires up right away.

Pretty fascinating some of the really old school technology that still works, these things are cooler than hell.



Almost every one of the old trucks you see lined up actually runs.

3 thoughts on “I Can Smell The Old Grease From Here

  1. Carb, choke, points, and a clutch. Pretty easy to make ’em run compared to today’s engines.

    All you really need is a test light and a set of wrenches. Feeler gauges and some screwdrivers and yer good to go.

    Nope, they don’t meet emissions and they are lacking about 10% in economy compared to today.

    So what? They run, and will for a long time with a tiny bit of care.


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