Necessity Is the Mother Of Invention

Remember this simple little gizmo for when TSHTF or even this coming Spring for your garden.

Also remember that not everyone in this world is fat, lazy, spoiled fucking rotten and don’t have to work at it to put food on the table before you laugh.


hard way


Doesn’t need gas, oil, batteries, electricity, draft animals or any moving parts to use it and gets the job done.

Good on ya dude.

13 thoughts on “Necessity Is the Mother Of Invention

    • Looks totally home made to me but it also looks pretty easy to make .
      You could probably drill holes and bolt it together if you didn’t have a welder but a cheapie wire feed welder would make short work of it.


    • I see I’m not the only one that thought this was from somewhere where it gets really fucking cold, they drink a lot of vodka and you can’t understand what the hell they are saying, da comrade?


  1. Phil Hi, where did you find this, I am needing to download a video file that I can slow down or stop to take measurements to manufacture these units. Will be great for raised bed gardens.
    Thanx JT


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