Shove A Rusty Pipe Right Up Your Ass

The very first stupid motherfucker that tries to pull this bullshit on me is going to regret the day they were born.


rusty pipe

You can check every one of those boxes for me, ya fucking pussy.


White fucking privilege my ass.


I can remember the time my skinny white little ass literally chopped the frame of a 72 Ford LTD in half with an axe  so we could get it in the back of a rig and sell it for scrap so we could get enough money to eat.

It took me all day to do and completely fucked that axe but I did it.

Don’t tell me about how privileged I am.

Fuck you spoiled little cocksuckers.




10 thoughts on “Shove A Rusty Pipe Right Up Your Ass

  1. Yep, you didn’t get where you are by hard work, or perserverance, or not making stupid spending mistakes, or decisions that fucked your life.

    It couldn’t be because you learned a marketable skill, and worked hard at it.

    It was priviledge, just plain white priviledge that got you wht you have.


  2. I ate many a wish sandwich coming up and mowed grass to buy my momma cigarettes…

    Most of these twats don’t even know what a wish sandwich is.


    • I remember once when my parents split the first time, me and my little brother were living with my mom and she didn’t have any money. I think I was seven and he was three.There wasn’t shit to eat in the house except two pieces of bread.
      We put ketchup and mustard on them and pretended it was pizza.
      Fuck yes I know what a wish sandwich is.


  3. Fuckin’ snowflake fag children nowadays have had everything handed to them all their lives
    i despise the little worthless lazy cocksuckers…… they’re all gonna be begging for refrigerators boxes to live in after their mommy and daddy die ….FUCK ‘EM


  4. “Thank you for your concern. I was actually considering turning down the generous stipend from the KKK to sign up. You’ve made up my mind!”


  5. Most of the whiny sjw types would be on their knees crying after an hour of the sort of jobs we worked to make ends meet. The funny thing is, I liked most of those jobs- not all, the acid etching plant was nasty, and some of the other factories , but digging ditches, logging, commercial fishing? That was just hard work in the weather.


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