Tis The Season, Right?


We have my kids and other family over right now for our little immediate family Christmas get together. The times as they are, it’s hard to find a time when everyone can get together because there are Christmas parties and shit on everyone’s schedule from here until Christmas Eve so we had to plan it way out and this was the one day everyone could get here.
There was a fabulous brunch that got devoured and after everyone ate I made a little surprise announcement.

Between my daughters and my niece, they have been bugging me for a couple of years now about all my old record albums.

I told them to take what they wanted.

Hundreds of the damn things are scattered all over the place and they all have their little piles going.

I’m getting old, I haven’t had a turntable in a long time and I have been packing boxes and boxes of the heavy fuckers around for thirty five years.

There is certainly a part of me inside that is screaming NOOOOOOoooooooo!! right now but I would rather enjoy seeing their smiling faces for this brief moment in time and have the satisfaction of knowing that they will at least have something to remember me by after I go tits up.

I spent a couple thousand bucks over the years collecting those and there are more than a few collectibles hitting the door as I type.
Ya can’t take it with ya and besides, these days you can pretty much find anything you want on the internet if you look hard enough if you want to listen to something.

The wife actually got a bit concerned after I told the kids they could have them so I told her point blank that with my family history, every day I wake up anymore makes me one lucky motherfucker and that I was doing her a favor by getting rid of some shit now.

I also made another difficult announcement that didn’t go over well just like I knew it wouldn’t.
That fucking Sprite is going away next Spring.

After thirty years of fucking with that thing and many thousands of dollars pissed away, I am done.
It’s going to cost me yet another Grand getting a transmission gone through plus yanking the fucker out and replacing it but then it’s going away.
I am going to take a broke off 2X4 full of splinters right up the ass on it and I just don’t care anymore..
I’ll admit defeat and be done with it.
Every year I throw money at it, drive the dog shit out of it and something expensive breaks, without fail.
It’s too fucking delicate and I am not going to change my driving style anytime soon.

So if you know a clinical masochist with too much money and time on their hands, tell them to stay tuned.

7 thoughts on “Tis The Season, Right?

        • Been there, done that.
          I had a W bus once.
          Flipped it over on it’s side turning at an intersection.
          I got a ticket for Unsafe Speed for it too.
          Going an estimated 25 MPH in a 25 MPH zone.
          Beat the ticket in court and sold the engine to some woman with a bug.

          No thanks.


  1. Had a Triumph Spitfire that I finally decided was just way too much fun for me to have. Some cars are just the spawn of satan when it comes to keeping them running.


  2. Bummer! If I didn’t already have the Supra I’d be tempted to buy that little fucker, and the stick a decent JAP engine and 5-speed in it, and drive it like I stole it!


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