This Ought To Be Interesting, 200,000 Ordered To Evacuate LA Fire Area

Like traffic isn’t bad enough around there on a good day.


Wildfires threaten Los Angeles: Evacuation orders issued for nearly 200,000

Latest developments
• The largest fire: The biggest blaze is the Thomas Fire in Ventura County, burning at least 50,000 acres, including parts of Ventura, a city of more than 100,000 people along the Pacific coast. It started Monday evening in a rural area and spread to the city. Officials said the fire has destroyed at least 150 buildings, including an evacuated mental health facility.

• Curfew enacted: On Tuesday, the city of Ventura declared a daily curfew, beginning from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m., to protect residents and prevent crime such as looting in the evacuation areas.

• Told to leave: More than a quarter of Ventura’s residents (38,000 people) have been told to evacuate.

• Creek Fire in northern Los Angeles: The second-largest inferno is the Creek Fire, having burned around 11,000 acres in and near northern Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley.

• Mass exodus: About 150,000 people in Los Angeles were affected by evacuation orders, Mayor Eric Garcetti said.

• Power outage: About 43,000 homes were without power Tuesday night, according to Southern California Edison. More outages are possible because flames were burning along power transmission paths, a spokeswoman said.

• Other fires: The Rye Fire near Santa Clarita in Los Angeles County grew to about 5,000 acres and was 5% contained. That fire was spotted near the Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia.



I hear Mexico is nice this time of year, maybe 1/2 of the people being forced to evacuate can go back home.

Whatever you fuckers do, don’t head North.

We already filled our quotas.

8 thoughts on “This Ought To Be Interesting, 200,000 Ordered To Evacuate LA Fire Area

  1. Awww…
    How can you say that!
    How insensitive!
    These people are HUMANS as well!
    Just think of the CHILDREN!
    Don’t you think they have an EQUAL RIGHT of having built for them a nice house they can call home?
    Don’t you think they should at least be ENTITLED to have free meals, a car they don’t have to pay for as well as free healthcare?
    Don’t you?


      • Jap.
        Two years ago I decided against continuing playing St. Nicholas for my local parish during 5th and 6th of December. It was a sad decision for I loved visiting all these kids and seeing their sparkly eyes.
        But since most of the local pro-asylum-crowd also happen to be in part leading members in that parish I couldn’t go on doing that once more.
        No favors and no quarter to the enemy anymore!


  2. You’ve been had.
    That’s Photoshop, not reality.

    200K people is what any freeway within 50 miles of LA handles every hour.
    And last I checked, the nearest fires to L.A. downtown (not the foothills) are between 40 and 70 miles away from downtown.

    The fires have had virtually zero effect in the city, except for a relatively few people in the hills. and far-distant suburbs.
    Millionaires who build a home in fire country can suck it, as far as I’m concerned.
    If you didn’t build a concrete house with a fire monitor installed on the roof tied to your pool, eat shit.


    • That’s what people who haven’t lived there don’t get about L.A. The metro area is so BIG that what would be a huge wildfire anywhere else is just a local nuisance to the rest of the city. Further, fires tend to be contained by the mountain ridges that separate the metro districts. so even the big destructive ones don’t get too far, distance-wise.

      Overlay a map of the L.A. metro area (don’t forget it stretches out well beyond Riverside and halfway to San Diego) on England, and note that it’s mostly covered. There’s perspective for ya.


  3. Like I said over at bayou Rennaissance Man’s place.
    I have never been there and have zero desire to ever do so.
    The picture was just one I snagged off the internet that worked well for the point I was trying to make.

    I also have to admit that I pretty much relied on the hysteria the MSM was peddling about the fires.
    Like I said, never been down that far South.
    BTW, Portland is as bad as I want to deal with anymore but back in then 80’s I used to commute from San Jose to South San Francisco and back on a 450 Honda five days a week so I have been there and done that shit before.

    I’m not a city boy at heart in the first place and the older I get the farther away from large population centers I want to be.
    If it wasn’t for my wife, I would be out in the hills right now!


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