Google’s Supercomputer Has Spawned It’s Own “AI Child”, SKYNET Soon To Follow

I can see where this shit is going to get out of hand real quick. Even Elon Musk has concerns about it.
Of course, the tech Guru’s at Google think everything is going to be just wonderful.

Google supercomputer creates its own ‘AI CHILD’

A GOOGLE supercomputer has created its own “AI child” that is capable of outperforming humans.

The tech giant’s computer-made system known as NASNet is able to identify objects, such as people and cars, in photos and videos.

According to studies, the Google “brain” can pick out these objects with a 82.7% accuracy rate – something the company says is better than any man-made AI system.

And the AI breakthrough will have a huge impact on the entire field.

Experts have said the findings show automation is the key to creating the most accurate AI systems – meaning Artificial Intelligence would actually create more AI.

NASNet itself was actually created earlier this year AutoML, which is an AI system capable of creating more learning programmes.

The Google Brain team, which developed the mother system AutoML, said: “We hope that the larger machine learning community will be able to build on these models to address multitudes of computer vision problems we have not yet imagined.”

But ethical concerns have been raised about the invention of such powerful machines.

Tech site Futurism reported: “What if AutoML creates systems so fast that society can’t keep up? It’s not very difficult to see how NASNet could be employed in automated surveillance systems in the near future, perhaps sooner than regulations could be put in place to control such systems.”

But Ray Kurzweil, Google’s engineering director, said AI will “enhance” the world.

He said: “Technology has always been a double-edged sword – fire kept us warm, cooked our food and burned down our houses.

“World War 2 – 50 million people died, and that was certainly exacerbated by the power of technology at that time.

“My view is not that AI is going to displace us. It’s going to enhance us. It does already.”


Mr Kurzweil’s assistant was unavailable for comment.

abbie something

In absolutely unrelated news, the Head Honcho’s at the NSA were last seen laughing hysterically and rubbing their hands together as they disappeared behind the bullet proof glass doors to their main laboratory.


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