Screaming In The Night

Some of you old fuckers like me will probably remember this old ballad by Krokus.
Seen ’em up close once in Portland at a small venue a long fucking time ago and it was a great concert.

It only got better with age too.
Same tune, twenty years later.

For any of you who may not have heard of these guys before, where the fuck you been?

7 thoughts on “Screaming In The Night

  1. I remember the first time I heard “Long Stick Goes Boom” on the radio back then, Could have sworn it was a new AC/DC album. I also figured that when Brian Johnson stepped down from vocals for a while that Marc Storace was an easy shoe in. You can’t find anyone closer to Brian’s voice.


  2. I remember where I heard “Midnight Maniac” before most anybody else knew – or cared – about them. Had no idea they could still be around. Tnx for the memories!


  3. It’s a great song.

    They did a great cover of stayed awake all night as I’m sure you cranked that one as well.

    Here is Randy Bachman playing the original. Outstanding!!


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