Then Again Maybe It’s Better This Way



I was a crazy sumbitch when I was a young man and there is lots of shit I don’t remember due to the massive amounts of drinking and the drugs I did back then.

Some of the things I do remember  would make you question how it is that I am still alive if I told you so I can pretty much say that if I don’t remember some of it that it’s probably for the best.

I could write a book and no one would believe half of it from what I do remember and my family could fill in quite a bit more of it I’m sure.

One thing I can say with out a doubt, if I would have gotten caught for some of the shit I pulled back then I would still be in prison to this day or more than likely long dead from  assisted suicide by cop.

2 thoughts on “Then Again Maybe It’s Better This Way

  1. Same here. I’d wake up some mornings not remembering all of the night before and Satan would be on the couch, but would never make eye contact with me all day.


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