Judge Slaps Attempted Illegal Seattle City Council Tax Grab On Wealthy

They have gone full on Commie upstate and are vowing to keep trying.
The City Council of Seattle jammed through an ordinance last July imposing a special tax on the wealthy that is in direct conflict with the states constitution that forbids taxes on income.

The state of Washington instead taxes the shit out of everything else and local cities tack on their own special little taxes on top of everything else.
The local sales tax around here is damn near 9% and it wouldn’t surprise me one fucking bit to see them say Fuck It and just raise the damn thing to 10% tomorrow.
But that ain’t good enough for them there Socialists up North.

Being Democrats and shit, they have a burning desire to spend other peoples money and the fact that some people have a lot of it around that area and they can’t get their filthy fucking mitts on it like they want to is causing severe chafing in the rectal area for the commie fucks on the city council.

Thus they think they can just decree a special tax on this loot.

Not so fucking fast sez Da Judge.

Like they said, they. won’t. stop. trying..

2 thoughts on “Judge Slaps Attempted Illegal Seattle City Council Tax Grab On Wealthy

  1. I think it was Connecticut that put in a “tax on the wealthy” and the tax ended up being on one or two families. They moved to a lower tax state. Connecticut’s budget ran a deficit.


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