Americans Bought Enough Guns On Black Friday To Equip An Army

The FBI reported yet another record breaking day for background checks on Black Friday, 200,000 in ONE DAY.

WASHINGTON — The FBI was flooded Friday with more than 200,000 background check requests for gun purchases, setting a new single day record, the bureau reported Saturday.

In all, the FBI fielded 203,086 requests on Black Friday, up from the previous single-day highs of 185,713 last year and 185,345 in 2015. The two previous records also were recorded on Black Friday.

Gun checks, required for purchases at federally licensed firearm dealers, are not a measure of actual gun sales. The number of firearms sold Friday is likely higher because multiple firearms can be included in one transaction by a single buyer.

Dianne Feistein’s desiccated ass cheeks just clenched together just a little bit tighter.

The Deplorables are fully armed and ready any time you are bitch.

6 thoughts on “Americans Bought Enough Guns On Black Friday To Equip An Army

    • This is true but the headline also doesn’t say that a record number of background checks caused a record number of gun purchases to fall through either so even in half of them resulted in a purchase we are still talking one hell of a lot of guns changing hands in one day.


  1. I’m wondering how ammo sales compare to the NICS checks….heh heh heh. Why, just the other day I picked up a case of .45 ACP HST for about 20 cents less per round than you can find at a gun shop or other retail outlet. is a really NEAT place to find good deals on any caliber you might like. (Disclosure – I have zero interest in the website…I just use it and recommend it.)


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