Black Or Not, It’s Still A Friday

I feel for some of the folks who have had to work today, some of these retail outfits go completely nutzo about these Black Friday sales and open and close at crazy hours.
They work their employees into the ground making them come in early and stay late, then play the fuck around game with their wages.
Instead of just paying them over time, I have seen them put them on salary for just one week, fuck around juggling their paid time off hours and make them work split shifts. Capitalism at it’s finest here in the good old USA.

I was supposed to have yesterday and today off.
Something I have never seen in all the years I have been working but something the outfit I work for does every year.
Thanksgiving and the day after being a paid holiday and the one time every year that they close and lock the doors to the place.

Except every year without fail, some of the goofballs there on the production side decide that today is a good day to make some extra money.
So that means the maintenance side gets asked if anyone wants to cover to keep the shit going.
There are certain things that need to be checked before you can just flip a switch and make things happen and of course there is always the flying monkey operator aspect because everywhere you go, there is that one guy who could tear up a cast iron anvil with a cotton ball. We seem to be blessed with several of those.

I said no, find another sucker but changed my mind.
Double time and a half doesn’t come around every day but Christmas comes every fucking year and it’s right around the corner again.

I also told my (new) boss that I would be there but I was going to fuck off all day and just put out fires as needed just to yank his chain.
It worked too, the look on his face was priceless.

We both know that there is never a time when you couldn’t find something to keep you busy and the list of shit that needs to be done runs into the pages.

So if you decide to venture out into that madness and do some shopping today, take a second and consider that if your sales person seems a bit grumpy today, it’s probably because he or she has been working their tail off for a lot of hours, dealing with rude people and double digit IQ’s plus some jerk a half an hour ago had a shopping cart full of cotton balls with no price tags on them and wanted to know if they had any more in the back.
Said he had to go to work later that day and didn’t want to run out.

1 thought on “Black Or Not, It’s Still A Friday

  1. Oh, boy…….BTDT!

    Had a couple of *salaried* jobs that required me to be “on call” pretty much 24/7/365. I only got called in dire emergencies, and our customers were always very happy to see me arrive.

    And if the customer was having some kind of Thanksgiving/Christmas party, I always got asked to stay and eat, and my manager always gave me comp time off at 1.5 times the normal rate.

    The other salaried job I had like that I don’t talk about…….


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