I Suppose I’ll Have Some Anyway


Not a huge turkey fan, I got burned out on it back when I was still single and got one from work and decided to cook it up for me and my cousin who I was living with.
Holy fuck, what a mistake that was.
We ate on that fucking thing for days and then I made my real mistake.

I took the carcass that still had a bunch of meat on it and threw it in a huge stock pot.

Then I proceeded to make turkey soup, which quickly turned into turkey stew, which I just kept adding shit to and eating on until it got to the point I couldn’t even stand the smell of it when I walked in the door anymore.
At least a week and a half of that shit and I couldn’t give the shit away. I finally just dumped about three fucking gallons of it right in the garbage can.

So not a big turkey fan but it’s OK once in a while.
That was a long time ago and I can eat a little here and there now.

I would much rather have a huge spiral cut honey glazed ham.


Fuck yeah baby, now we’re talking.
I could eat on one of those sonofabitches for days and enjoy every minute of it.
Ham, more ham with mashed potatoes and gravy,ham sandwiches, scrambled eggs and ham, ham on a dinner roll, ham gravy,yeah, that’s the good shit right there.

Unfortunately, I am the only one with that opinion and those fuckers ain’t cheap.

Oh well, at least I ain’t cooking anything.
We will have the big turkey blow out here on Saturday.
Tomorrow we go to the In Laws and they don’t want the huge hassle so it will be a smaller affair which is cool by me.

I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving, I know there are a lot of people out there who are going through some bad shit right now so take a minute and say a little prayer for them before you stuff your face.

And if you happen to have to deal with family members who are the polar opposite of you politically and they can’t take a hint to shut the fuck up, you know the ones, don’t give them a fucking inch.

Thanks for stopping by and special thanks for the folks leaving comments, you guys rock.

Happy Thanksgiving and please pass the pie.

14 thoughts on “I Suppose I’ll Have Some Anyway

  1. I hear ya. I browned a huge ribeye on the grill last night. Chopped it up, and threw it in
    the crock pot with green beans, spuds, onion, carrots, tomatoes, spices, herbs, etc, and
    let it cook all night. good shit. (I eat ham almost daily for lunch)
    I enjoy Your site daily. Stay out of the news, and Happy Thanksgiving.
    So.Central Ohio


  2. Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving Curmudge. Be safe and avoid the stores tomorrow, you won’t be able to use your finger weapon without attracting undue po po thugs…


  3. We have turkey for thanks giving and ham for Christmas. Works out in the sandwich department for me. Turkey on white bread with mayo and a little salt. Ooh and a nap afterwards. Just the wife and me this year. Happy Thanksgiving all


  4. We had Prime Rib and turkey, and about A DOZEN side dishes. The $40 Chocolate cheesecake we brought, was gone by this morning.. After a 222 mile round trip, I’m still not very hungry…yet.
    Christmas trip is next.


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