9 thoughts on “Dumbass Of The Day

  1. $40K? Priced pickups lately? I have a 2016 Silverado crew cab so i can understand why he’s doing this. The bed is only 63 inches long.


    • No, I haven’t priced trucks lately, I wouldn’t buy one even if I could afford it.
      I’m as old school as it gets, to me, a pickup is something you can actually haul shit in and you clean out the cab by opening the doors and hosing it out.,
      Over the years I have probably had at least six pickups and I miss my 61 Ford Style side fiercely.
      Look them up, they only made them from 61 to 63 and they were built like an El Camino.
      The bed and the cab were all one piece.
      Even though it was a short wide bed, it came with a straight six and a 4 speed with a Granny gear with super low butt gears. 60 MPH was wound out red line.
      It was more like a tractor than a road rig.
      I hauled so much sand in it once the front tires were bouncing off the road and stacked 30 bales of hay on the bastard once, up to and on top of the cab.
      That was a real truck.
      Try that shit with these new rigs some time.
      I have this El Camino now and have hauled shit in it that overloaded the springs to the snubbers but it will never be a real truck.
      I like ’em though.
      They used to call them a Gentleman’s Pick Up.
      Not that I am a gentleman by any stretch of the imagination.


  2. Lots of folks like that around here. Not even sure how to open the tailgate.

    When I bought my new (First one in 14 years) Dodge 2500 diesel and scratched it in the first two weeks, everyone was all upset for me.

    I didn’t care.

    It’s a truck. Scratches add character. Deal with it. It ain’t a caddy or a ferrari….
    Plus I CAN haul an 8 foot piece of plywood or drywall in it.

    And that wasn’t much over the $40 grand you quoted. With 4 doors and leather. All about how you haggle.


  3. I have a 61 f100 stileside. It actually spent most of its life in your neck of the woods.292 y block,3 on the tree. It’s my grocery getter,run errands vehicle. I bought my last new truck in 03. Never will I own brand new again. They can keep their crap now.

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      • Long bed and it took me to long to find it so sorry,not for sale. They are out there and mostly on your side of the country. This particular truck was born in SanJose Cal. and from some clues found believe most of its life was spent in Washington state. I say it’s time to move the Sprite and start looking for that 61/63 Unibody.


    • Never in a million years. That 03 was a Ford 1ton superduty 6.0 deisel.Put 320k on it too. You’re just not getting your money’s worth anymore. That’s why I made that comment.


  4. I miss the real trucks, the metal headliner – bench seat -side ‘vent’ windows (small triangler windows) and vinyl flooring. Comfort be damned, the carpeted captains chairs with built-in heat pads, 6 way adjustments, DVD video players and stereo systems – its a luxury car for christsakes.


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