Well Done Malcom, Well Done


If you don’t know who this guy was then you don’t know fuck all about Rock and Roll and probably shouldn’t be here in the first place.


I thought this one would be appropriate for the sad news about his passing,


To say I have been a fan for a long time would be an understatement, I still have this T shirt I bought at their January 15th, 1991 concert in Portland Oregon.


The front is slashed and there is a red backing behind it.
I wear it to concerts once in a while and never fail to get compliments on it.
That shirt is older than several of the people I work with now and I still have quite a few of their original albums stashed away too.

The band plays on but Malcom was the back bone of that group for several decades.

He was already missed but has passed on permanently now.

Well done sir, your legacy will live on as long as there is one single Rocker left out there.

5 thoughts on “Well Done Malcom, Well Done

  1. I had just entered a post of FB asking what was the 1st concert I ever saw was…couldn’t remember which came first the Van Halen World tour or the AC/DC Back in Black tour back in 1980. Not 10 fucking minutes later, I saw this story. Been fuckin’ bummed out for the rest of the day. It didn’t help when I had to hop my happy ass into this cold ass pool to finish cleaning it before putting the cover on for the season. I think I’ll finish off the night listening to AC/DC and drinking beer. I’ll have to grab a pair of pliars to pull my dick out of my body and thaw it out every time I have to take a piss.
    RIP Malcolm…you WILL be missed for a long time.


  2. For some reason…I can’t remember who played…The Eagles in Seattle…Not the band….
    Janis Joplin..etc..Wintergarden in S.F.1966…..Those were the days..Saw the Stones also..Kingdome….


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