12 thoughts on “Super Size Me

  1. Here’s the video 🙂

    Made by SSK Industries, the .950 JDJ is the largest sporting rifle made. The cartridge began as a 20mm Vulcan round, cut down to 70mm case length and necked up to 24mm (.95 caliber). It required a special sporting purposes exemption form the ATF to not be classified as a destructive device under the NFA. It’s a pretty huge rifle with a pretty huge muzzle brake and pretty huge recoil!


    • I see the old bat pretty much has a lock on reelection again.
      I wouldn’t mind if it was just the stupid Commiefornians who wound up feeling the effects of her meddling but she has way too much influence nation wide.
      Whoever is running against her must be really bad.
      She can stuff that Assault Weapons Ban straight up where no man has been in a very long time.

      I also see that fucking wench Patty Murray is on board with it, I have written her scathing letters before on her anti gun stance and all I ever get back are form letters from her staff pukes.

      Fuck ’em all.
      At this point they can pass all the laws they want.
      That boat done floated and they know it.


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