Waiting For The Usual Speculation And Rumors To Clear After The Horrific Texas Baptist Church Shootings

My thoughts and prayers go out to the friends and families of the martyred church members down in Texas tonight.
There is evil loose in the world and it is running amok lately.
I simply cannot fathom the mindset it must take to deliberately walk into a House of Worship full of unarmed families with children knowing that you are going inside with weapons capable of killing them all and fully intending to do so.
It defies sanity and embraces eternal damnation with open arms.

Trying to glean the facts of what happened and what led up to this horrific crime in the short time since it happened has proven to be quite frustrating and that can be laid right at the feet of the media who’s job it is to ask the most basic questions and report the answers they get to those questions without tainting them with personal opinion or bias of any kind.

So far, I have read the deservedly dead shooter was in the service at one time, was arrested and jailed while still in the service for assaulting his wife and child, served his sentence, was released and given a dishonorable discharge.
I have also read that the dishonorable discharge made it illegal for him to possess firearms and that several were found in his car upon his death, including a Ruger semi automatic rifle.

I have also seen it reported the perp had recently converted to Islam and at the same time was a member of ANTIFA with one of their flags also found inside his vehicle.

To me, that makes for one busy little homicidal maniac.

All that and planning mass murder at the same time.

I won’t bother linking to any of these stories that I have read, they are all over the place if you start looking.

I will say that if the ANTIFA angle is true then something has been put in motion that will have serious repercussions to answer to.

If the Islamic angle pans out then it will only pour gasoline on a fire that is already well lit.

The usual gun control suspects were out dancing in the gore of the recently deceased before their still warm bodies had been loaded into the coroners wagon, wailing that we need more gun control and here is our latest proof.

Those people are worse than vultures, at least vultures perform a needed service in the grand scheme of things.
These people have a political agenda coupled with zero moral boundaries, you know, the ones most normal people have that would preclude them from trying to capitalize on the deaths of 25 or more people who weren’t quite finished bleeding out yet.
The word reprehensible keeps coming to mind for some reason, probably because it’s completely justified.

It will remain to be seen if the so called journalists in this country can be bothered to remember the basics of their craft, Who, What, When, Where, Why and How and then report that to the rest of the world without trying to flavor it for the opinions of their editors.

In other words, Journalism 101, like they teach Middle School kids who want to work on their school newspaper.

4 thoughts on “Waiting For The Usual Speculation And Rumors To Clear After The Horrific Texas Baptist Church Shootings

  1. Since the shooter already had three convictions for domestic violence. A conviction(felony) from a USAF general courts martial and was prohibited from EVER owning any type of firearm or body armor, and as the shooter was willing to murder babies in a church. I’d love to ask the Anti’s: How would any lay have helped?


  2. In any breaking news story, only about a third of what you hear is going to end up being true – you just don’t know which part is worth paying attention to. In a case like this where the immediate narrative is call for gun control, it’s probably not worth paying attention to until Tuesday. I avoided all the news about it yesterday.

    About the only things we know is how many people were killed or wounded (the answer is always too many) and the guy was a forbidden person, so a felon before he became a dead felon.

    Hell, if Chuckie Schumer can come out calling for gun control after a terrorist attack with a pickup truck, it’s not like logic and consistency in the narrative is all that meaningful.


  3. The Antifa angle is due to timing. Remember all the “Revolution starts Nov 4” stuff the week before? It’s very possible he was set off by that, as was the nut doctor who attacked Rand Paul.

    As I’ve said elsewhere, AFAIK these people do not carry membership cards. We still know little about the guy in Vegas, so the idea the media is covering up stuff that makes them look bad is not beyond the realm of possibility.

    We’ll see.


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