Now That Antifa Disappointed Us And The Grid Didn’t Shut Down Yesterday, What Is Your Outrage Du Jour?

I think I’m suffering from Outrage Fatigue.
What’s on your mind today?
Let me know in the comments.

12 thoughts on “Now That Antifa Disappointed Us And The Grid Didn’t Shut Down Yesterday, What Is Your Outrage Du Jour?

  1. Morning Mr Curmudgeon! One thing I have tried to do is keep an eye open for “outrage porn”

    Outrage porn refers to any type of media that is designed to invoke outrage for the purpose getting traffic or attention online. The term outrage porn was coined by political cartoonist and essayist Tim Kreider of The New York Times. ( that’s from Wikipedia)

    I personally have tried to be more aware of how the media is using this technique for revenue with clickbait ads and headlines. It’s all about the money. Many times I would find myself scrolling through comments that were the epitome of “fuck you”. No , fuck you”. Back and forth with no substance. I would waste 15-20 mins just reading crap and realize it was nothing that enhanced anything for me or my life. I have slowly weaned off that as much as I can. ( its addictive for sure).

    Here’s a good article I scrolled through:

    One last that, it would be interesting if they did research to see what area of the brain “outrage porn” affects.

    My 2 cents:-). Enjoy your day Phil!


    • “The difference is that in the new age of outrage, criticism on these issues quickly escalated to unwarranted heights. In 24/7 instant communications, extreme voices dominate. Moderate voices are lost in the noise.”

      I’m pretty sure I have never been accused of being moderate at anything.
      Every once in a while I step back and look at the information over load and turn the spigot down.
      One could be outraged 24/7/365 if one chose to be.

      Ya gotta retain your sense of humor, which I believe both of us have done so far.


  2. Antifa’s November 4th antics didn’t materialize. However, do not disregard the scenario of a fuse with a blasting cap crimped on the end which is inserted in a block of C-4. The fuse may sputter and go out but the deadly part is still in place just waiting for another match to be struck. Ole George Soros and his Commie friends don’t just walk away.


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