I Just Saw The Strangest Thing

I went out the front door a few minutes ago to start on my 3rd cup of coffee and have a smoke, I only got about 4 hours of sleep last night and am having a hard time getting with the program so far.

Just as soon as I opened the door I could hear what sounded like a shit load of crows raising all kinds of hell across the street in a neighbors trees but I couldn’t see what was going on because a Magnolia tree in our front yard was blocking the view. So I mosied out into the driveway to see why they were making so much racket.

As I was making my way down the sidewalk I kept seeing pairs of new crows hauling ass flying in to join the Murder already over there. It’s completely overcast outside, a bit chilly and it looks like it could rain quite easily.

Pretty soon a bunch of them would take off out of the tree tops, circle around and land back in the trees. The whole time they all screeching their little heads off like there was a cat with wings chasing them.

While this was going on, more and more crows kept flying in until I estimated there must be at least sixty of them.
It looked just like this,


This went on for several minutes, they would fly out of the tree tops and circle around, crying excitedly and more coming all the time.
Pretty soon they got completely wound up so that I could have heard them in the house and they all jumped up, circled around two or three times and then started flying off in large groups either South or South West.
I was quite mistaken about their numbers after I see them all take off and it was easily over a hundred of the little rascals.

As they are cawing and yelling at each other and starting to fly over the top of the house, about twenty little songbirds started flying into the Magnolia trees out front here, flitting in and out of the branches and they were acting like they were scared shitless of something.

A minute later as I was finishing my smoke, every single one of them was gone like they had never been here.

It was the damndest thing I have seen in quite a while.

6 thoughts on “I Just Saw The Strangest Thing

    • Because of my wife’s situation regarding our oldest boy, moving out of this state is not an option. If it was up to me, I’d have been in Idaho years ago.
      All I can hope to do is out wait the fucking Commie bastards.
      The pendulum swings both ways if you can live long enough.

      The Eastern halves of both Washington and Oregon are solidly conservative but we are outnumbered by the pole smokers who have traveled up the I-5 corridor from Commiefornia and taken over the 100 mile strip from the coast inland to I-5 all the way from the California border to fucking Canada over the last twenty years.
      All I can say is that even if they get a Super majority and pass every single bit of Liberal wet dream piece of anti gun legislation they can think of, it will be the from my cold dead hands thing for me no matter what.


  1. Could just be the change in the weather? Snowing in Whatcom Co. Possibility of outflow winds tonight. Colder than shit tomorrow? Not a normal pattern of how we get Winter.
    Weather Café at OVS.com.


  2. They do this at this time of year.
    The mass of crows is called a murdrer, no kidding.
    Once I brought my 6year old boy out to the front yard while hundreds of them had settled down into the trees all around the house.
    I screamed and clapped my hands and scared up the murder.
    They the flew over us trying to crap on us.
    My 6 year old thought it was great till he got hit a few times.


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