Some Words Of Wisdom About Situational Awareness

Watch this, and pay particular attention when he gets to the part about profiling people.
I agree with that 100%.
I don’t give a fuck if it’s not politically correct because everything about political correctness is behavior modification aimed at turning you into a useless piece of shit with a large bulls eye on your back in my opinion.
There is good information here and yes, I do practice this stuff when I am out and about amongst the wolves and the sheeple. It is something that I have done for years and years and most of it came because I graduated from the School of Hard Knocks a long fucking time ago.

Looking people in the eyes is also something I have found to be very useful over the years.
The bad guys pick up on that immediately. I have seen it a thousand times.

2 thoughts on “Some Words Of Wisdom About Situational Awareness

  1. Col. Cooper had an exercise for those of us without the hard knock degree. He said you never can sneak up on a cat, so you went through the day being aware of who was behind or beside you. Give yourself a point if they are 30 feet or more away when you notice them. It helped me. I grew up in “Mayberry”. I needed the assist.


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