I Thought Carharts Were Expensive

Until I happened to see the price on a pair of designer jeans once.
I pretty much did the same thing as this guy.

sticker shock

I have no problem paying for new Carharts anymore.
There was a time when the only thing I would wear were Blue Jeans, the old Levis 501 button fly.
They went through the roof on price back in the 80’s or 90’s and the quality went to shit completely. I had a hard time figuring out what to replace them with back then.
I don’t think they even make them anymore.
Now it’s all Mom Jeans and shit.

Fuck that.

I’ll pick up a few pairs of black Wranglers once in a while if they are on sale because I am really hard on clothes.
That’s why I like the Carharts so much.

The wife absolutely hates them.
She thinks they are stiff, bulky and too hot.
She won’t even wash them for me, I have to do it myself.

I like them for those reasons in particular.
Wear ’em in and they soften right up after a while.
The double knee is the shit and the pockets, man do I love all those pockets.
The fucking things are made to last and they take a beating.
They also have plenty of room for my nuts. I can’t stand britches that bind up my nuts.

I quit giving a shit what people think about me and my fashion sense decades ago, like four decades ago.

It drives my wife crazy when we have to go somewhere, she rags my ass until I have to change into something civilized.
I have a pair of tan Cargo pants as my last resort, those are usually good enough for her to start in on the T shirt I have on being completely wrong with the outer shirt and yadda yadda yadda.
What the fuck ever.

If I am going to have to pay fifty to eighty bucks for a pair of fucking pants, I want the sonsabitches to last me a while and I want to be comfortable in them.
I am going to get them dirty and greasy and beat the shit out of them either way. Getting my moneys worth out of them seems reasonable enough to me.

I guess that makes me not Hip or Cool anymore.
I’m also not paying ridiculous prices for crap quality clothing that will be out of fashion in six months and I could give a fuck about being Hip anyway.

4 thoughts on “I Thought Carharts Were Expensive

  1. Duluth Fire Hose Jeans. Expensive as hell ($50 – $70) when not on sale, but worth it. They wear forever and are comfortable too. A little stiff like the Carhartts too if that is a consideration.

    I’ve had two pairs of these which have lasted 5 years and still function great. Check them out – you might be similarly impressed. I’d buy more but as waistline fluctuates, don’t know what size to buy, lol. Your skinny though – they will last.


  2. My wife is the same vis-à-vis dressing up to go out. Must be the women’s version of little girls dressing up their Ken dolls.


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