6 thoughts on “I keep Hearing This Shit About ANTIFA And November 4th..

  1. The thing you are missing is that at least some of them are training. They are serious. They mean to kill, and even a pack of untrained hood rats armed with Wasser-10 AKM’s and KEL-TEC’s is deadly. Contempt for a sworn and bitter enemy who is willing to die for the chance to kill you is foolish. The faggot with the 1891-MN only needs to get lucky ONCE for it to be a very bad day. And ,like the VC. he or she will fire once, displace , and do it again. Or lay a tripwire across your door. Re develop your “jungle brain” . Because a communist that wants to kill is nothing to laugh at. You do have one huge advantage. Y’all “old guys” have played this game before. You should teach the fag boys and commies how to play by Mr. Victor Charles rules .


  2. Yup,

    It’s gonna get ugly. I’m in a place that will probably not see the bad shit. Most of us here legally own guns, lots of guns and have CCLs. Like all bullies Antifa will strike at the weak. Cities in states like New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, California and the District of Columbia where gun controls heavily restrict legal ownership and make conceal carry for legitimate gun owners near impossible. Of course this will give the gansta gun cartel a huge advantage, especially if Liberal governors like NY’s Cuomo, Mass’s Baker, Conn’s Malloy and Cal’s Brown rein in the police.


  3. The other idea to consider is that these pussies don’t always play by their own rules, if they’re planning to show up in cities not on the list, those people will have to play catch up for a few minutes until the dust settles.

    I know you already do this, Phil, but stay safe, my friend.


    • I’m not the least bit worried about these fuckwits.
      One of the main reasons they talk and pull this shit is for attention.
      My AO is completely off their radar.
      Their return on investment would be a negative number.
      I have zero plans to be anywhere near these cretins.


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