Shut Up And Take My Money!

This HAS to be a one of a kind.


I think it’s cooler than hell but it looks pretty fuckin’ delicate though.

My wife would FLIP. THE. FUCK. OUT. if I drug something like this home!

7 thoughts on “Shut Up And Take My Money!

  1. That’s amazing. Whether it works or not it’s still something that shouldn’t be laughed at. I can only imagine trying to make something like that with the simple and limited amount of tools that they must have. You can tell just by looking at it that it’s built in some out of the place ,none modern area. My hat is off to that guy 🙂


  2. Looks like the front wheel is half of a bogie wheel for a tank or apc, while the rear wheel is half of a drive sprocket from the same vehicle.


    • I’ll be damned.
      How in the world I had never heard of Fordson in almost 58 years is beyond me but sure as shit, I see by looking them up that they made several different models with track drive in the rear.
      Thanks a ton for the heads up.


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