It Could Make Some People Uncomfortable


I’m not diplomatic, I don’t do nuance, I am the antithesis of Politically Correct and I say what is on my mind. Also, as I get older I find that I actually enjoy being an ornery old bastard and will fuck with people just because I can.
I also use a lot of profanity, just in case there was any confusion there.

6 thoughts on “It Could Make Some People Uncomfortable

  1. A man after my own heart. After we came out of a big meeting one day a boss of mine said “If they made you ambassador to Rome we would be at war with the Vatican right now”…………………….

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    • Sounds like me too, most of the bosses around where I work don’t care for me because I won’t kiss their ass and tell them things they don’t like to hear in a way they don’t appreciate to begin with.
      I’ve been chewed out for being so foul mouthed before.

      Fuck ’em.
      I ain’t a Yes man.
      This is the bear, these are the woods and this is where the bear shits in ’em.


      • Funny thing is that most of my bosses liked me because of my telling it like it is while most of the other squints and chemists would hem and haw and beat around the bush and play CYA. They just mainly objected to the way I told it……………….


  2. As I told my unit members many times, I am not here to win any popularity contests. My mission is very important and also very difficult. The least of my concerns is the toes and feelings of those who stand in my way of successfully completing the mission I have sworn an oath to uphold.

    One thing I have learned since I have been married. Having to tame the tongue has shown me that if you can’t completely destroy, anger and/or motivate a derelict zombie speed bump without cursing, you just haven’t been trying. Though I will admit that the occasional relapse is called for and can be quite fucking effective when it is not expected.

    MSG Grumpy


  3. I think a lot men that come here are more like you then not. We are all Grumpy Old Men and tired of the bullshit we have had to accommodate. As a young man I had a short fuse, as an old man it is fucking shorter! But I have the wisdom to clamp my mouth shut when it isn’t to my advantage.


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